COMPLETELY REMOVE unwanted details in your photo!

Hello! It’s Xina~

I’m back with another cool feature from BeautyPlus that I would love to share with you guys! It is called “remover”. This feature is available only to BeautyPlus premium membership but in my opinion, is very worth it! As the name suggests, it can remove nearly anything unwanted from a photo! On the very bottom of the app, you will see the 4 major categories, specifically “edit”, “retouch”, “filter”, and “creativity”. Remover is under the last category.

COMPLETELY REMOVE unwanted details in your photo 01

Take this photo of the spaghetti on a fork. The left is the ORIGINAL (BEFORE). Middle is during the process. The right is AFTER. Let’s say I want to remove the tomato. Once I open the remover feature, I am able to select the thickness or the size of the “brush” I want to use. Slide left for a smaller size and right for a bigger size. Since the tomato is not that big, I selected a medium sized brush.

Next, I used the remover brush to “paint” over the tomato. This will show up as pink area. As you can see, half the tomato disappeared when I painted half with remover. Instead, I believe it is replaced with colors that are similar to the rest of the background. Amazing right?!

COMPLETELY REMOVE unwanted details in your photo 02

I have provided another example (before and after) of when I used remover. I got rid of an entire flower by using the remover. Only green is left. Lastly, I wanted to remove the apple in this photo but keep the books! It was able to do this as well and it looks very natural.

COMPLETELY REMOVE unwanted details in your photo 03

The remover is perfect if you want to remove a stranger in the background of your photo, leaving only you as the center of attention. It can also be used effectively to remove a zit or any imperfections from one’s face. There are countless uses for the remover feature!

Thanks for reading!