From bland and boring to INSTAGRAM-WORTHY?

Hey! It’s Xina, one of your Beautyplus Creators ^^

Today I would like to share two of my favorite editing tools from Beautyplus! The first one is called “color temp” and the other is called “enhance”. On the very bottom of the app, you will see the 4 major categories, specifically “edit”, “retouch”, “filter”, and “creativity”. Both color temp and enhance can be found under the first category.

I will showcase how effective these two tools can be using this photo of my dessert. Very left is the ORIGINAL (before).

From bland and boring to INSTAGRAM-WORTHY 01

It looks delicious. However, the background is slightly yellow. I personally like my photos to have a clean, minimalist theme. This means that a white background is important. In order to achieve this look, click on “color temp” and then pull the scale towards the left (doing this makes the temperature colder). I used -55 as you can see in the MIDDLE photo. This removes the yellow tint.

Next, I also found that the original photo has lighting that is too dim for my liking. You can’t see the details of the waffles that clearly. Further applying the enhance tool on the photo evenly improves the lighting and makes the dessert colors POP out amidst the white background! I enhanced by 100% as shown in the RIGHT (after) photo. Doesn’t it look much better? You can adjust the level of enhance — more or less as you wish.

From bland and boring to INSTAGRAM-WORTHY 02

The 3 photos of the oranges is similar. I changed the color temp (+74 instead of -55) and then 100% enhance. Look at the difference! Here are some more before and after examples with macaroons and strawberries. Both involve using 100% enhance and + color temp.

From bland and boring to INSTAGRAM-WORTHY 03

The enhance tool is only available when you have BeautyPlus Premium. However, it is highly worth the cost as it is so easy to use and highly effective ?

Thanks for reading!

Until next time,