How to Give Yourself A Virtual Makeover

If you’re an avid photo taker like me, it is no surprise to have moments where you took a photo and wished you had some makeup on. However, with the BeautyPlus App, a makeover has never been easier! Not only can you create endless makeup looks that can be as natural or as glamorous as you want, but the final result appears as if you did it in real life. To see this feature in action, let’s create a makeup look together!

To begin editing, go to the “Photo/Editor” icon on the bottom left and choose the photo you want to use. Then click the third icon labeled “Makeup.”

A Virtual Makeover 01

BeautyPlus has 5 settings – Lipstick, Eyebrows, Eyeshadow, Blush, and Hair Dye. Each one has a variety of colors to fit the look you want to achieve. For my example, I am going for a soft smokey look for the autumn season.

By clicking the lipstick option, a number of shades appear. The one that I liked the most was “RD03.” I then adjusted the opacity of it using the slider on top of the panel, indicated by the arrow below.

A Virtual Makeover 02

The eyebrows offer 4 different shapes that can also be darkened or lightened with the slider. I chose “BL02” and put it to its highest setting.

A Virtual Makeover 03

Next is my favorite part…the eyeshadow! From browns to oranges to pinks, there are SO many eyeshadows to choose from. Here are some examples:

A Virtual Makeover 04

I ended up with the “OR02”, and I used “PK01” for my blush.

A Virtual Makeover 05

And lastly, you can change your hair color!

A Virtual Makeover 06

To match the eyeshadow, I applied the brownish/reddish color called “BR02.”

A Virtual Makeover 07

And that is the completed look! Thanks to the BeautyPlus App, you can look even more gorgeous, minus the effort and time!