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A perfect body shape is a universal dream for everyone but most importantly it’s every girls dream. BeautyPlus allows you to edit your picture and customize your own perfect body in a just few seconds .The BeautyPlus body tuner is for sure my most favorite feature in the amazing app. The feature really helps you flaunt that natural beauty without the fear of those nasty social media bullies and “body-shamers”. You do not need to spend hours and editing your photos as BeautyPlus app is very easy to use. Without any photo editing skills you can slim, reshape, resize, and enlarge any part of your body to look fit, thin and taller on your photos.

The best sub features to note are:

Make your body slim and skinny the areas of interest the including a perfect body shape, skinny legs, slim waist and thin arms.

Increase height to look taller in photos if you admire long and beautiful skinny legs

Let’s go to the fun part on how to edit – Add the photo on BeautyPlus App, swipe left to view features then select body tuner:

Reset either to auto or manual, then adjust body, leg, length, arm or height.

In the above picture I was going for a more stunning natural look.

I also add some features to complete the editing. Back to “Retouch”, select “smooth” to make the skin glowing, and add the light leaking filter at the end.

BeautyPlus body tuner allows you to get the impressive hourglass shape body that looks best on you.

Let’s use another photo for editing. I show you some advanced editing beside Body tuner. Adjust the body first, and open “Creativity” tab. Select “Doodle pen” and draw a loop around your body like below.

After drawing the loop, use the eraser to delete some part of the loop so that the yellow line looks like covering the body. Back to “Creativity” tab and add some cute glitter stickers. At the end, back to “Retouch” tab and enhance the picture color. Doodle pen and stickers are temporary removed at this moment. Don’t worry, those decors are back after you finished the retouch editing.

There you go. The transformation is absolutely incredible.

BeautyPlus is an all in one app that has all editing tools that a photographer or creator would ever want. What are you waiting for?

Get your body snatched in minutes using the BeautyPlus body tuner and let your pictures standout!

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