Face Editor
Meet Stunning Selfies
Your Stunning Selfie is just a few taps away. Open the BeautyPlus app, use various retouch tools to edit portraits and enhance your natural beauty! The best free face editor app ever!
Retouch face in photo editor BeautyPlus before vs after
One Tap for Perfect Selfies
Did you know your portrait can look even better with one-tap? HD Retouch allows you to improve the quality of your photos instantly without manual edits. Import photos and the amazing Auto-Beautification tool will instantly shape your face and beautify your skin in seconds, giving you the perfect photo EVERY time.
Fine-Tune Your Facial Features
Use retouch tools to enhance your skin, eyes and lips and touch up your selfies! With 22+ tools dedicated to tuning your portrait, you can precisely shape your face as you please with this face editor. Download the BeautyPlus app for free and check out the retouch tools!
Retouch face in photo editor BeautyPlus before vs after
Reshape Face
Push slightly to sculpt your face and body for the perfect shape
Adjust your overall face shape including width, jaw, chin, lower face size and even your hairline.
Effortlessly Enhance Every Selfie & Make Your Beauty Shine