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How To Give Your Photos a Gorgeous Pride Aesthetic

Pride is a special moment for lots of people around the world. It’s a time that allows you to be Unapologetically you, no matter the outcome. Some people wonder about the true meaning of pride, and why it’s celebrated. The LGBT meaning and moment is what ties into pride. Pride can motivate people to strive and be better versions of themselves. It also allows people to recognize the real meaning and the movement. Keep on reading while I show you 6 different ways to spice up your pictures for pride aesthetic using BeautyPlus, and more about being confident during pride!

Table Of Contents

  1. Pride Aesthetic Hair
  2. Rainbow Blush
  3. Pride Aesthetic Background
  4. Pride Aesthetic Templates
  5. Rainbow Stickers
  6. Rainbow Filter
  7. How To Be Confident During Pride Month

1. Pride Aesthetic Hair

Rainbow colored hair is a new feature in the app. It’s a great way to give yourself a new look that looks fabulous and natural! Simply choose Re-touch tools in the BeautyPlus app, select Makeup and go to Hair-Dye at the end. You can also use the slider to make the rainbow hair color as vibrant and colorful as you want.

2. AR Rainbow Blush

If you’re looking for the perfect makeup look for pride. I highly recommend using the AR Rainbow blush.  It is honestly so cute and you don’t need to put on makeup to get the perfect pride look you desire for pride month. Simply go to Edit, Re-Touch and select AR Effects. Go to “NEW” and there you will find this gorgeous rainbow under-eye rainbow blush effect. You can also use the slider to make the blush as pigmented, or as light, as you want it. I think the slider option is perfect because it gives you the ability to put on as much or as little as you want. It’s all your choice!

3. Pride Aesthetic Background

Photo By Adrienn & Juan Mendez Via Pexels

If you’re looking for a rainbow background color or a rainbow background aesthetic, BeautyPlus has your back. BeautyPlus recently added 3 new background colors to give you the pride aesthetic you desire.  Just select “Background” and here you’ll get to choose from the 3 new backgrounds. They all have the “New” sticker tagged on them so you’ll know exactly where to find it. I highly recommend these cute pride backgrounds!

4. Pride Aesthetic Templates

Photo By Thunyarat Klaiklang, Aline Viana Prado, Penda Kamati Via Pexels

BeautyPlus has new rainbow templates which are perfect for pride month. The awesome part about these templates is that they are all fully customizable. You can move any stickers or wording in the templates to your liking, you’re also free to change any wording in the templates. Simply go to “Templates” and choose a template that you like. I highly recommend these templates, they all have the pride flag color and aesthetic you’re going for. Give them a try now!

5. Pride Aesthetic Stickers

BeautyPlus now has beautiful fun stickers for pride month. These fun stickers will boost the look of your photo, and it will look more appealing to your audience. These Pride stickers are honestly the cutest and fit into the pride vibe you’re looking for.

How to find them? Simply select “Stickers” in the BeautyPlus app,  go to your Sticker store and you’ll find “Rainbow”. There are hundreds of stickers to choose from. I promise you’ll love these cute Pride Month stickers!

6. Rainbow Filter

Photo By Tuân Kięt, Nayleth & Marlene Leppänen Via Pexels

The rainbow filters in the BeautyPlus app are perfect for pride. There are 3 rainbow features available to choose from. They all look very realistic, you can also use the slider to make the rainbow effect as dark or as light as you want it. I use these filters on some of my pictures as it gives my photos a peaceful demeanour and feeling, and that’s what pride is all about! Simply go to “Filters” scroll a bit and you should find these rainbow effects as “RB1, RB2 or RB3”. If you’re having trouble finding it, check your sticker store.

7. How To Be Confident During Pride Month

You may be wondering how do I stay confident during pride month? Or maybe how to stay confident in general. Pride plays a big part in confidence and embracing who YOU are. I’m going to tell you 3 inspiring ways to be confident during pride month. The key to being confident is thinking confidently, perfecting your posture and smiling more often.

Thinking confidently allows you to embrace yourself. During pride month, that is the most important for a lot of people. Whether you’re LGBT, or whatever you consider yourself. When you hold confidence within yourself, there is absolutely nothing that can touch you. Thinking positive thoughts like “I belong here” and “I love who I am” will change your mindset to another level. Thinking confidently consistently will also make you feel better in general. Allow pride month to inspire you to be confident in your true self.

Perfecting your posture and smiling more often is what ties into being confident during pride month. Many people tend to have confidence,  but it doesn’t show when you look at them. You have to hold a posture that looks like “I’m proud of who I am”. Keep your shoulders back, your spine straight, and your chin high. This will also help you if you’re planning on attending any pride festivals or parties this year. Be sure to keep the mindset that you belong in ANY room that you walk in. When you do this and top it off with smiling more often, it will be the icing on the cake for you. These are the 3 major keys to being confident. Embrace your inner self this pride month, and most importantly, have confidence in being YOU! ❤️

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