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How To Give Your Photos a Cute Beach Aesthetic

We all love a good beach photo. Why not bring your creativity to the next level and spice it up! Being at the beach on a sunny day, and exploring the best beaches in the world, are my favorite things to do.

Thanks to BeautyPlus this awesome app, I have the ability to give any beach photo a warm and cute aesthetic. Whether you want a cute beach aesthetic photo for a Thumbnail, Magazine cover photo, or even just for yourself, BeautyPlus’s editing features will be the icing on the cake for your beach photos! Keep on reading for How to Give Your Photos a Cute Beach Aesthetic.

Table Of Contents:

3 Must-do Beach Photo Editing Tips!

Tip #1- Explore Aesthetic Photo Templates for Quick Edits

Beach Aesthetic Editing1

Photos By Nataliya Vaitkevich, Anthony Tran & Caique Silva on Pexels

There are so many amazing photo templates to choose from on this app! You might just have a little problem choosing because there are so many amazing ones to choose from, and they perfectly suit beach photos. Simply go to the BeautyPlus app and select “Templates” and click on “Store”. From here, you have the ability to download and use so many beach vibe templates like the examples above. Even if you’re somebody who likes Magazine templates, Retro templates, or even just travel related templates in general, BeautyPlus has it all for you!

What’s even greater about these awesome templates is the ability to customize them. All of BeautyPlus’s templates are customizable, giving you the ability to fully customize the words in the template, change colors, move stickers around & etc.

The templates I used in the examples above can be found in your BeautyPlus Templates store. Check it out now!

Tip #2- Add Stickers To Your Beach Photos

Beach Aesthetic Editing1

Photo Via Unsplash- By Tyler Nix

Stickers make photos 10 X more appealing and its a genius way to spice up your beach photos!

Simply go to the BeautyPlus app with your favorite beach photo ready to edit and select “Stickers”. Here you can choose stickers to your liking and choice for your beach photo, I highly recommend the BeautyPlus sticker store, or what I also consider “Sticker Heaven”! There are hundreds of stickers to choose from, for more than beach photos as well. Whether you like emoji stickers, heart stickers, or even funny stickers for WhatsApp!

BeautyPlus has your back to ensure you get the best suitable stickers for your photos. The stickers used in the beach photo example above were downloaded from the sticker store. Go check out the hundreds of stickers you can choose from now!

Tip #3 -Give Your Photos a Cute Warm Beach Filter

Photo Via Unsplash- By Apostolos Vamvouras & Anastasiia Boivka

A good warm filter on a beach photo can make your photo go from a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10. To a whole 10! Warm filters improve the colors of all skin tones. Sometimes even giving some skin tones a fabulous glow. It’s all about choosing a good warm photo filter for your beach photo.

In the second beach photo example’s above I used SES3 filter on the photo. Even if you’re somebody who likes dramatic warm filters, or warm vintage filters. BeautyPlus has the best possible warm filters to choose from for your beach photos. Also, be sure to check out the BeautyPlus filter store!

How To Get a Good Beach Picture Every Visit

So I’m sure now you know from the examples above, how BeautyPlus can easily turn your beach photos into a good beach photo. But! I’m going to show you how you can get good beach pictures every beach visit.

We all know how it gets sometimes at any public beach, sometimes there’s people standing in your way ruining your beach photo, or maybe there wasn’t much sun out, or maybe you’re not as tanned in your beach photo as you hoped? Check out BeautyPlus’s “Tone” options in the Retouch tools which will give you a better tan look in your photos. Stay tuned while I get deeper into How to Get a Good Beach Picture Every Visit, along with the exact tools you can use to give yourself the beach photo you desire!

Beach Aesthetic Editing1

Taking your photos on the beach can actually be easy if you figure out what works best for your picture strategy. Me as a travel content creator would recommend you to bring a tripod with you. It will give you the perfect photo structure. Tripods also assist in low light, which means if there isn’t too much sun while you’re taking your pictures, The tripod can give you the right angle to capture sun on the beach. It doesn’t matter what kind of tripod you have, Whether it’s a HP tripod, or a Gorilla tripod. But I highly recommend you get a tripod that is the best travel tripod for you. I have one that folds up, which means I can travel with it anywhere I go.

The second thing I recommend you do in order to get a good beach aesthetic picture every beach visit, is to choose your picture location wisely. We all know the beach is a public place which means you can’t control where people might be, sometimes they might even just be in your picture ruining it. I highly suggest you choose a spot to relax on the beach and take your photos where nobody else is really there. Sometimes with a packed beach, it might seem impossible. But there’s always that one spot that nobody seems to be at, and I can guarantee you will find it.

These are the spots that give you the ability to take the best pictures possible for yourself. Try to find a spot at the far end of the beach where nobody usually tends to be. And if you happen to get somebody in your photos, simply use the remover tool on BeautyPlus to take them out of your photo. Most of us content creators and video creators already know the greatness of this tool. But if you don’t know, now you know my friend!

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