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How to Make a Successful Tinder Profile Image: Seven Dos & Don’ts

Dating apps have become more popular than ever, especially with their popularity on social media, and a wide variety of dating sites being created. Among them is Tinder, which is probably the most well-known dating app! On Tinder, you swipe through multiple people’s profiles and can form matches with those you are interested in. It’s a great way to meet people for relationships!

However, for a successful experience on Tinder, it’s vital to include at least 3-5 profile pictures that show yourself and your personality off well. If you want to jazz up your Tinder profile picture to make it the best it can be, keep reading to find out!

Table of Contents

  1. Clean Background
  2. Friendly Persona/Smiling
  3. High Quality Photos
  4. Good Indoor & Outdoor Photos
  5. Add Some Makeup
  6. Pick the Right Angles for Your Photos
  7. Things to Avoid for Tinder Profiles

What makes a Tinder profile eye-catching?

1. Clean Background

Having a clean background is important as to not detract attention from yourself. With less clutter, it allows the viewer to focus more on you. It also gives off a more well “put together” vibe!

Blur is a great tool to make you become the focus of the photo.

Also, you can use using BeautyPlus’ “remover” tool to clean the background. All you have to do is use the brush over the area you want to remove, and as easy as that, the object is gone!

After that, why not apply a good filter to enhance the photos in just a tap? It is a fantastic way to enhance the mood of your pictures, and it also transform a normal picture into a vibrant, striking and visually appealing image. What you need to do is open BeautyPlus app, go to Filter Store, browse all kinds of filters, explore and apply the one you like!

2. Friendly Persona/Smiling

Some people deal with yellow teeth, which is something that most people do not find physically attractive. Others find that when taking smiling photos, the camera, lighting, or other variables, can cause one’s teeth to look more yellow. Regardless, we have the tool just for you…the teeth whitener!

This feature is as self-explanatory as the name! All you have to do is click the feature, and adjust the strength of “teeth whiteness” that best suits the photo. Now, your Tinder profile is sure to attract others!

3. High Quality Photos

Including high-definition pictures on your Tinder can never go wrong. Good quality photos make it easier for others to view your appearance clearly, showing off the best version of yourself!

BeautyPlus has this amazing tool called “HD Retouch,” which automatically transforms your picture to look more professionally done! It also has an “Enhance” feature that brightens up your picture and cleans up any flaws, wrinkles and harsh lighting. In this before and after, you can clearly see how this minor edit makes the biggest difference!

4. Good Indoor & Outdoor Photos

Including both indoor and outdoor pictures are important for a diverse Tinder profile! Especially if you are a nature-loving person, or enjoys certain kinds of weather, you can emphasize these traits through your picture choices.

There are several ways to improve your outdoor pictures, such as using pre-set filters, adjustments like exposure, and fantastic sky! For this example, I went with “Fantastic Sky” and simply chose the style “Sunset,” which turns a boring sky into a sunset sky with beautiful colours and light!

5. Add Some Makeup

On Tinder, you want to present the best version of yourself, and one of the best ways to do this is with the power of makeup! Applying makeup in real life is always a great option, but using BeautyPlus’ s makeup tool can also yield similar results. It’s a wonderful alternative for those who aren’t as skilled in makeup, or have past pictures with no makeup that they would like to use! From lipstick colors, blush, to skin tone, come try our makeup looks and feel even better!

For example, if you want to change the color of your skin in just a click, BeautyPlus is your best friend! It allows you to adjust your skin tone easily. Just one tap and get that perfect skin color you want, making your Tinder profile picture much more appealing with more likes and matches!

6. Pick the Right Angles for Your Photos

The camera can easily warp how you look for the worst, and one’s body is no exception! Certain angles can make you look unusually short or long, or just simply interestingly shaped. Luckily, BeautyPlus has a “body tuner” and “slim” tool to help you look your very best!

For this image, I used the “body tuner” to length the woman’s torso and legs for an elongated look. I then went in with the “slim” feature and made slight adjustments to the waist area. The end result is a more refined look!

Using dating apps, such as Tinder, are a great communication tool to find potential romantic partners! To make the most out of your Tinder experience, it’s crucial to have the right pictures that represent you and your life best. And nothing can help you more than BeautyPlus and the editing attributes their app offers! May these tips and tricks make your time on Tinder an exciting one!

7. Things to Avoid for Tinder Profile

When curating your dating profile, there are some hard “don’ts,” or things to stay away from. Otherwise, it could very much be a turn-off to people who would potentially be interested. Here are some things to NOT include on your Tinder:

 Old Photos

Using old photos of yourself where you look younger from your current self could easily fool others into having an outdated image of you in their mind.

Photos with Exes or the Opposite Sex

This is a definite “no,” but somehow some people still include it for the sake of including pictures. However, pictures with any girls could give off the wrong idea and put someone off.

Group Photos

While certain group photos can be good for variety, it’s usually better to only use pictures that highlight who the Tinder profile is about – you!  Group photos make people confusing to tell which person is you, or they may find that you’re the least interesting person in the group photo.

Unappealing Clothing Colors

Clothing colors can subconsciously influence someone’s interest. It’s been noted that generally unappealing colors like yellow and brown do not perform as well as others who wear different clothing colors.

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