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How to Make Selfie Pics Feel Confident & Look Better

Creating confident and honestly-you selfies is something we all try to do. However putting yourself out there can be really scary. Even now, half the time I still feel insecure about taking photos of myself. Despite this, I found BeautyPlus as a cute way to enhance and or hide things I wasn’t confident about until I learned to embrace them. Now taking cute selfies is honestly really fun and easy. I’ll be breaking down different ways to approach taking pictures of yourself, whether it’s for a fun selfie on social media or just to learn how to pose in front of the camera.

Hopefully you can walk away with pictures that make you feel cute or hot, but most importantly confident and comfortable!

Table of Contents

  1. What Matters when Taking Good Selfies
  2. Follow the Popular Poses for Selfies
  3. Don’t Forget to Apply Makeup
  4. Use Lighting Tool
  5. Tutorial: How to Edit a Selfie that will Get More Likes

1. What Matters When Taking Good Selfies

Before you even pick up the camera, there are three different aspects you should mentally prepare for when taking photos of yourself:

  • Poses for pictures and selfie pictures
  • Makeup
  • Lighting

We’ll be going over these different steps below so that any girl taking a selfie can feel prepared and confident!

2. Follow the Popular Poses for Taking Selfies

No Need to Hold your Phone for all Selfie Pics

If holding your camera isn’t for you, you can also find ways to prop up your phone in different places for different angles. This way, if you want to take pictures waist up or full body, then you can do so without someone else holding your camera for you. Tools such as tripods or selfie-sticks can be helpful. Otherwise by propping your camera up on some books or a shelf with a self-timer, you can take as many photos as you need.

Practice Posing for Shots

Posing doesn’t come naturally to some people, and that’s totally okay! It takes time and practice to get comfortable in front of the camera, so including a few test shots to get the awkward photos out of the way can really help get you the selfie you’re looking to post or send.

autumn selfie smile

sitting selfie pose

full body selfie pose

autumn selfie smile

sitting selfie pose

full body selfie pose

Here are some tips to getting started:

  • Angles: There’s an ideal angle for everybody when taking selfies, but it’s good to play around with different kinds. One way is by holding the camera slightly above the eyeline. Or if you are setting your phone down somewhere else, low angles up close to the camera or far away can be fun and dynamic. Practice to see what angles work for you and become familiar with what you like.
  • Loosening Up: To feel less nervous or tense in expressions when taking selfies, having a conversation with a friend nearby, laughing, or practicing exaggerated faces can help loosen your face up and be less stiff. BeautyPlus even has AR stickers to add a fun flair or alter parts of your face to get started!
  • Full Body Poses: You can be super flexible while taking selfies with a full body pose. While posing, think of twisting shoulders and hips to face different directions. To look taller, try elongating limbs by outstretching one leg, or pushing part of your torso forwards or backwards. If you continue to play with these micro-movements of the body, eventually attitude and personality will shine through and you can come up with poses that feel more like you!
  • Sitting: For pictures where you’re waist up or sitting, but don’t want to be holding your camera, keep the pose dynamic by loosening up. Play with your hair or props, and experiment with different sitting positions.
  • In the Mirror: Girl mirror selfies are still popular! Play with how your reflection works to loosen up some more poses for pictures!

It can feel awkward at first, whether you’re taking teen selfies, hot girl selfies, cute girl selfies, or even if you’re taking a confident woman selfie. So don’t be afraid to take a ton of pictures!. Surely your 20th practice pose will be much better than your first, and your confidence can skyrocket with each new good photo you fall in love with!

3. Don’t Forget to Apply Makeup for a Fun Girly Selfie

You want to use makeup that’s flattering for your selfies alongside a good outfit that makes you feel confident. Therefore, the first rule of thumb is to wear something that makes you feel both comfy and beautiful. When taking selfies or editing portraits, you can use the Makeup looks from BeautyPlus to enhance your beauty.

Taking Cute and Natural Selfies

Cuteness is justice! You can pick the looks that compliment your complexion and the undertone of your skin. There are tons of makeup looks in BeautyPlus. Play with cooler or warmer pinks to bring some healthy glow to your selfies!

Taking Hot & Confident Selfies

Don’t be afraid to try bold colors and techniques. Use more details and care around the features you want to emphasize, whether that’s around your eyes, your nose, or your cheekbones. There are various makeup tools in BeautyPlus for you to customize and try. You can also change hair color without going to hair salon!

4. Use the Lighting Tool

Next, you can check how the lighting looks with a few test-selfies, and adjust as you go along. For the easiest way, you can go to BeautyPlus app and use 3D highlighting tool to adjust the atmosphere after taking selfies. From natural lighting to neon lighting, you can find the one that suits your selfie photo. Make sure the background isn’t too distracting. You wouldn’t want something behind that takes the attention away from you. That can include things being too dark or too bright behind you.

Once everything feels good and appears great on camera, you can focus on faces and posing.

5. Tutorial: How to Edit a Selfie that will Get More Likes

From your phone, editing selfies with BeautyPlus can help with acne, makeup highlights, color correction, and lighting. I’ll be going through different steps I’ve taken through the app to help enhance one of the pictures I took in NYC.

1. For this picture, I started with the Smooth feature to 26. This will help with any texture you may have in your selfies close up.

2. Going into the Makeup feature, I added some purple blush with VL01 > 80, and then warmed my lips up more with some lipstick, using PK04 >81.  They have a ton of other options such as adjusting your lashes, eyeliner, and more.

3. Going into the Stickers choices, I grabbed a couple fun ones from the Fall Category. I like to plant a few around the frame to make it scrap-book like for my planner, but there’s a bunch of other sticker options to choose from.

4. Then on Filter, I chose the CLEAN filter to brighten the color a bit more. This is my favorite feature of the BeautyPlus app because of all the different kinds of colors that can come up.

Sometimes it can take 20 uncomfortable selfies to get that one good one, and that’s okay!

In the end it’s all about having fun and feeling good about yourself. Just because you take a selfie, it doesn’t mean you have to share it with the world or feel bad about it. Overall it’s about self expression, you having fun, and having a good photo of a good moment. Have fun taking your selfie pictures!

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