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[Free and Up-to-date in 2024] 10 Recommended Selfie Apps that can Definitely Enhance Your Selfies: a Thorough Comparison

Social networking profile images such as profile pictures for Instagram and matching app and marriage activity site photos should be beautiful, right?

A good first impression can lead to new opportunities and encounters. Also, by using a selfie application that allows you to take beautifully enhanced photos, your memories and posts on social networking sites such as Instagram will become even more gorgeous.

However, some people may not know which selfie processing app to use or what kind of processing to do.

In this article, we have carefully selected and thoroughly compared 10 of the latest free selfie apps for 2024 that we recommend you to use. If you take a look at the apps we’re about to introduce and use the best selfie app for you, your selfies will surely become even more attractive.

Let’s take a look now!

Four points to choose the best selfie app: find the perfect selfie app for you!

First of all, here are four points that you must check in order to take a great selfie.

  1. Whether or not the selfie effect is natural and beautiful

If the photo has been processed too much, the impression may be worse.

Check to see if the original camera settings can be used to create a more natural effect, and if excessive modification, artificial whiteness, and skin functions have been suppressed.

  1. Does it have a full range of selfie functions?

The above features are very important, as are the availability of facial fine-tuning, makeup, acne removal, face line slimming, skin beautification, filters, etc.

  1. Can it be set up according to one’s own preferences?

For example, I think there are adjustment levels that suit me, such as face size, eye size, nose width, etc. Whether these settings can be saved is also very important. Whether these settings can be saved is also a very important point.

It is time-consuming and tedious to change settings every time.

  1. Does the camera support the video beautification function?

It is said that these days we live in the age of short movies.

It is important that videos look as good as photos.

Please make sure that you can edit not only your photos but also your videos to make them look better.

Let’s take a look at the ranking of the most popular face apps!

Top 10 Selfie Apps for a Successful 2024: The Best Photo Taking Experience!


*Comparison photos were taken in the exact same light, angle, and environment, and all apps’ beauty face effects are at their default settings and have not been adjusted in any way.

BeautyPlus is a trendy face processing app for a more glamorous look


BeautyPlus is a photo processing application that is perfect for taking a natural-looking selfie.

BeautyPlus allows you to freely adjust the skin tone and facial parts to create a natural look. The one-touch beauty function is very popular among BeautyPlus users, as it enables users who are not good at making corrections to their photos to obtain a beautiful face with a single touch.

In addition, BeautyPlus allows you to take a natural-looking selfie with simple operations, such as makeup and filters. This is a recommended application for those who want to easily improve the quality of their selfies.

The app also has a custom adjustment function for the five parts of the face that can be fine-tuned, and it remembers the settings of the custom functions that suit you, so there is no need to adjust them again the next time you use the app.

Other makeup functions allow you to naturally add eyelashes, color contacts, and even tear troughs, which are items that can make you look more attractive.

The hair color change function is an excellent feature that meets the needs of those who want to change their hair color to change the atmosphere of their hair, as well as those who want to hide a pudding hairline.

Beautycam is a popular free camera app for girls.


Beautycam is a photo processing application specialized for selfies.

You can easily take fashionable and stylish photos with a variety of filters such as a beautiful face effect and full body mode.

In addition, natural makeup-like filters and slimming effects can be applied with a single touch.

With these functions, you can make your selfies more beautiful and attractive.

The smart beauty features make B612 a very popular free camera app for girls


“B612,” a selfie camera app for taking a great selfie provided by South Korea’s LINE, offers a full range of beauty features in addition to traditional portrait filters.

There is also a smart beauty function that recognizes your face and automatically adjusts the app, which suggests makeup functions and optimal themes.

These features make selfies more beautiful and unique.

A trendy face processing app Unlike


“Ulike,” a popular selfie camera application that can enhance your selfies, is a beauty savior that allows you to adjust details such as face shape, eyes, and mouth, as well as makeup correction.

It offers natural beauty face effects, a makeup function for original images, and about 43 different filters to add color to your original photos in a variety of themes.

Photodirector is a free and popular camera app


PhotoDirector is a trendy face app that allows you to easily create and share attractive and glamorous selfies by utilizing the AI-equipped camera, beautiful skin effects, and retouching tools.

With a wide variety of editing functions, background changes, filters, and effects, you can enjoy taking selfies that are full of personality.

SODA is a free camera app whose filters are extremely popular among girls


SODA is a professional selfie application that allows you to easily create professional selfies with high quality, high-resolution beauty filters and powerful beauty tools exclusively for women.

SODA also offers a wide variety of effects and editing features to help you create your own amazing selfies.

Snow is synonymous with the most popular apps for selfies


The SNOW app is a trendy face processing app that allows users to enjoy selfies with face recognition stickers and powerful beauty features to make them look more glamorous, swap faces with friends, and add creative text and doodles to photos and videos. It is also excellent for taking lively selfies at gatherings and parties with friends, and allows you to take selfies in a natural way.

Meitu is a free camera app that is gaining popularity among girls who like to process their photos


Meitu is a popular free camera app with a full range of features that make it easy to operate and beautiful.

With just one touch, you can choose from a variety of makeup and processing styles, then simply adjust the settings to enjoy the wonderful results.

For natural-looking people, the fine-tuning function for each contour and part is convenient.

A wide variety of filters and stylish frames are also attractive features.

Facetune is a trendy face processing app that allows fine-tuning


Facetune is a popular free camera app that allows you to adjust facial shapes and features naturally and make fine adjustments such as blemishes and shine.

More than 15 hair color variations are available, which can be easily changed with a single click.

In addition, there are a wide variety of base and eye makeup options, but there is no automatic detection, so you must apply them manually.

Prequel is a popular free camera app with a wide variety of filters


PREQUEL is a popular and free camera app for girls for retouching thriving selfies and videos, with over 100 filters and photo frames.

It allows users to adjust skin tone, personalized stickers, and preset filters in a wide variety of styles to edit for different purposes.

It also has easy-to-use and powerful editing tools, and you can enjoy unique character effects such as AI avatars.

How to take a perfect selfie with a great selfie app

Let’s master the perfect selfie with BeautyPlus!

  1. To take a perfect selfie with BeautyPlus, open the app and click the pink button in the lower center of the screen.
  2. The top menu will show “Camera,” “Edit Video,” and “Edit Photo,” so click on the topmost one, “Camera.
  3. Click on the “Take” button to start taking a selfie.

How to adjust makeup and face shape 👇

Using the retouching tools as described above, you can easily beautify your skin, eyes, lips, nose, eyebrows, eyelashes, and any other area you like.

The makeup function is also well-developed, allowing you to adjust the color of eyelashes, various types of shapes, and even the thickness.

You can also add a little color to your hair to create a different you that you would not normally be able to do.

BeautyPlus also has an automatic beautification tool that, with just one click, instantly reshapes your face, gives you beautiful skin, and makes your photos more sophisticated.

Recommended ways and places to take a great selfie: Have a great selfie experience!

Poses and tools are also important to take a great selfie.

1. Popular recommended selfie poses
(1) Tilt your face and head slightly at an angle to capture a cute expression
(2) Poses such as holding a handsome sign with your fingers, a drink, or recommended sweets near your face can also be used to create a small face effect.

2. Recommended selfie locations for a successful selfie
(1) Shooting at cafes or parks with plenty of natural light will give you a natural, bright, and lively photo!
(2) Summer festivals with beautiful night views or places with beautiful illuminations can create a romantic atmosphere.

Combine these elements and enjoy your own unique selfie experience with a photo processing app!

3. Recommendations for selfie props
The following are recommended tools for taking selfies

Selfie sticks and timer settings
Balloon stickers, which are useful for birthdays and other occasions
BeautyPlus, a free popular camera app for taking a selfie, is full of various stickers and templates that can be used in everyday situations, such as the following.

You can process with your own unique photo processing that is different from everyone else’s, such as balloons that can be used on birthdays, as well as scenes at cafes that you often give to Instagram and SNS.

Recommended selfie processing techniques: process your photos to make them more attractive!

  1. Makeup Processing

Once you have taken your favorite selfie, you can personalize it with your own creative arrangements and makeup. You can use various contents such as filters, collages, templates, and makeup to make your photo even more attractive.

2. cute and stylish sticker processing

Add a stylish and playful touch to your photos by using cute and stylish stickers.

3. animated and AI avatr functions, which are very popular nowadays

If you want to stand out from the crowd and not just take an ordinary selfie, why not create a profile image using the AI function?

It is also a great idea to enjoy a different kind of selfie.

Selfie photo processing apps that can make your selfie look more impressive: Which one is best in the end?

In this article, we have introduced the key points for selecting a popular free camera app to get a great selfie, a thorough comparison of recommended selfie processing apps, and practical methods, contents, and usage of the apps to get a great selfie.

Did you find some photo editing and processing methods or photo processing apps that you would like to try?

To improve the quality of your selfies, it is very important to find a photo processing app that suits you!

BeautyPlus, which offers a free trial version, has thousands of different localized contents and can meet the needs of professionals and creators who want to go one step further than just the recommended functions for taking selfies.

If you are interested, download and try the most popular free camera app for Instagram girls below.

We hope that by utilizing selfie tips and app processing techniques, you will be able to enjoy impressive and attractive flourishing selfies.

If you are going to enjoy taking selfies, your selfies will be even more attractive by choosing an app that can make you look more attractive while reviewing the above points again.

Try your favorite trendy face processing apps and take great pictures!

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