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Turn Your Photos into Art with BeautyPlus

Do you ever feel like all the pictures you take are the same old boring photos, yet you feel too lazy to spend time editing and decorating it to look all cute? Whether it be running out of pose ideas, or having too similar aesthetic looks to your selfies, we all get those moments where we need a bit of creative inspiration.

And if that is currently you, well this article is just the right one to read! In it, we’ll explore photoshoot ideas to spice up your pictures, along with BeautyPlus’ editing features that take minimal effort while transforming them into fun and artistic artworks. If you want to turn your photos into art, keep on reading!

(If you want to turn your photos to cartoon, click here)

Turn Your Photos into Art with BeautyPlus

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Photoshoot Ideas For an Interesting Look

1.Extreme Angles:

It’s easy to forget about the power of angles when taking photos, but playing with them can certainly make a plain image much stronger! Of course nothing can go wrong with the typical “straight-on” shot, but placing the camera extremely low or extremely high can produce surprisingly interesting results. It doesn’t hurt to try and test every angle possible! You never know what you may end up with.

2. Stylish Poses:

When taking outfit or body-involved pictures, poses play a very necessary role in how they turn out. Having a more “closed” and “guarded” pose can give off a quiet and reserved vibe, while an “open” and more “unconventional” one suggests individuality and boldness. Using your arms and legs, and angling your torso and hips in different directions would definitely help in upping your picture game! Searching for various pose ideas on Pinterest, Google, or even Instagram can also expand your posing knowledge!

3. Dramatic Lighting:

Lighting is also a significant factor as to how well your pictures turn out. Dark lighting tends to drown out the subject and produce a depressing image compared to natural or well-lit lighting that is definitely ideal for selfies or outfit photos. You can use lighting to your advantage, whether it be by making it more or less dramatic/concentrated, or by even changing the colors! Either way, your pictures can easily improve with just this adjustment.

Turn Your Photos into Art with BeautyPlus

Use “Style” Feature to Explore Various Pictures Themes

BeautyPlus has a feature called “Style,” which quickly changes your photo to mimic the style of your choosing. There are four main styles – Classic, Modern, Magic, and Sky. Let’s take a look at the many options we can use!

1. Classic Art Painting Effect:

As the name suggests, the classic style reflects artwork styles of earlier periods, like the Victorian era or Vincent Art. In these two examples below, I applied the “Pointillism” and “Renaissance” style.

Pointillism art painting effect:

Characterized by several colorful dots and points, this style creates an exciting and energetic look that adds vibrancy to any image!

Renaissance oil painting effect:

This style turns your picture into a Renaissance painting, with obvious paint brush strokes and textures that truly makes the image a convincing artwork.

2. Modern Art Effect:

This tab has three styles, each one with a less historical-painting feel than the “Classic” one. I applied the “Comic” and “Gourmet” cartoon painting style, which definitely fit a more expressive and colorful vibe as it will make your image pop!

Comic cartoon painting:

This transforms your picture into – you guessed it – a comic style! The colors are condensed into very organic shapes while still maintaining its lifelike quality.

Gourmet cartoon painting:

Though created for the food as the main subject, “Gourmet” adds saturation and pretty white sparkles that you can adjust to your liking.

3. Magic Art Effect:

The “Magic” option is as fun as they sound! There are a variety of miscellaneous and varied styles, some that add cool effects and others that create a more visually layered look.

Prism art effect:

By shifting an image to 4 sides and adjusting the blur and disperse, this style resembles a kaleidoscope. It’s perfect for achieving a futuristic and retro aesthetic!

Saffron art effect:

This style is great for saving time when you want a journal-esque appearance. With the muted neutral colors, leaf details, and paper texture, a cohesive boho-chic edit is made.

4. Sky Replacement Art Effects:

Also known as “Fantastic Sky,” this style changes any boring and depressing sky into something remarkable! BeautyPlus provides daytime, night time, and even amusing, unrealistic skies that you can decide from. With all the choices, you will be sure to find one that fits your picture best!

Dawn sky replacement:

This edit adds a rosy pink tint with highlighted clouds that reflects a sense of a pretty sunrise. It very naturally blends into the foreground and certainly makes the picture look brighter and ethereal!

Sunset sky replacement:

Mixed with a dandelion yellow and a pastel orange, “Sunset” makes for a vibrant and captivating sky. It fits well in this example because the filter added matches the woman’s jacket to the sky’s color!

Add a Unique Touch with Creative Editing

1. Blur Image:

The blur image feature is great for focusing on a specific thing when the surrounding areas are busy or complex. Whether it be your face or your outfit that you want to stick out, the blur seamlessly makes everything else blurry in an aesthetic way. To draw more attention to the woman, I used the “Heart” blur that subtly turned the background into a hazy group of mini hearts!

2. Mosaic:

This unique editing feature merges any area of the image you “brush” over to resemble a mosaic. If you’re going for an abstract and textured theme, then this is the tool for you! You can create a mosaic look in many ways…such as with the silver/reflective brush, or with a heart emoji one.

Since the overall picture is relatively simple, I chose the triangle brush that made the background appear more interactive!

3. Disperse:

This “disperse” tool produces a hallucinogenic effect, which is amazing for editing a photo to look dreamlike and illusionary. Even better, the intensity of the dizzy feeling can be adjusted to your liking!

Thanks to these BeautyPlus tools at your service, any photos you take and edit no longer have to be plain or time consuming! Enjoy using these tips and tag us in your awesome photos!

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