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5 Aesthetic Ideas for Fall Picture Edits

With the warm, sunny, and sweaty summer gone comes the season of long sweaters, falling leaves, and pumpkin spice…Autumn! Nothing is more exciting than the fall pictures and the intense, vibrant colors that make them all the more interesting. From fashion to makeup looks, this time of change calls for new autumn editing hacks so you don’t fall behind on your Instagram game! BeautyPlus has all the filters, stickers, brushes, and texts that you will ever need to achieve great fall pictures, so let’s explore how to use these awesome features!

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Always Enhance Atmosphere with Fall Filters

Having an overall color scheme to your fall images is always a need, and since it is autumn, warm-toned colors are the way to go. For fall pictures, various hues of red, orange, and yellow filters can make any bland photo more visually appealing. On the front page of BeautyPlus, their “Fall Filters” are displayed for quick and easy access:

Let’s use a filter and see how great of a drastic effect it has!

(Creds to Mahaan Mehranii on Unsplash)

The original photo is much darker and muted, making the vibe appear winterish. However, by applying the filter “IDV5”, the mood becomes more vibrant and warm like those beautiful fall pictures! It brings out the coat’s orange undertone and the gingerness of the woman’s hair, perfectly aligning with the theme of autumn. Just a simple filter can make all the difference!

Get a Fall Makeup Look

A great fall image is not complete without an appearance that matches it. You can easily create or even touch up your face with BeautyPlus’ makeup feature. This can be done manually or through the preset looks under “Fall makeup.”

  1. In the first picture, the makeup appears more natural and blends with the dull background. To fix this, I first colored the lips with a deep plum hue called “BR01,” expressing the auburn color of fall.
  2. For a youthful and brighter look, a blush under the shade “ND01,” was added. It is the flawless mixture between pink and red tones!
  1. The eyes are the most important of the face, so by adding the eyeshadow “Bronze,” the woman immediately appears glowy and fall-esque!
  2. To complete the makeup look, I used the “eye smiles” setting which made the underneath of her eyes more prominent and fresh.
  3. As the finishing touch for this fall picture, I added the fall filter “FJ6” to emphasize the warm orange hues and increase the saturation.

Ta-da!! With a few quick touches, you can create an entire new makeup look that fits this exciting autumn season!

Add Fall Stickers & Text

To step up your editing game, BeautyPlus also has fall stickers and text that will spice up your photo. Whether it’s a plain background that needs decoration or is merely an artistic choice, this app feature works for anything!

BeautyPlus has three preset fall sticker packs as displayed below:

Let’s use these stickers to stylize some fall pictures!

(Credits to Jasmin Chew on Unsplash)

Though the first photo already has a fall leaves background, there is a lot of empty space surrounding the girl. To add more visual elements, I placed the text “Hello Autumn” in the center, with the same leaf sticker on both sides. This makes the autumn theme clearer and adds a cute look! Lastly, I added a stenciled leaf design on the bottom half to balance it with the top. Now, the picture is complete, looking like the perfect fall picture!

For a more blank background, the same process applies. Take a look at this before & after:

(Credits to Vladislav Nikonov on Unsplash)

By simply using a fall filter and placing leaf stickers, the fall picture becomes captivating to look at!

Play with Fall Leaves Brush

This fall leaves brush is also another easy and decorative method of styling up your photo! The “Doodle Pen” can be found next to the stickers icon. There are countless decorative options, but the perfect one to use for autumn is the leaf doodle pen!

(Credits to Joel Mott on Unsplash)

Using the Fall Leaves Brush, I created my own border to frame the portrait. I then used another leaf brush and adjusted the size to small, giving the illusion that softer leaves are falling. The result is a beautiful fall image!

Try Cutout & Change Background

The beauty of BeautyPlus is that you can remove background from image to match the fall theme better! In the next version, a new feature “cut out” is coming out, but the “custom sticker” can be used to achieve the same effect.

Let me show you how to turn this plain photo…into a gorgeous fall picture like this:

  1. First, you have to import your chosen fall background image into the app so you can place a custom sticker on top. To do this, click on the “pink plus button,” as circled in the photo.
  2. Choose your photo and use the “select button” to shade in the area that you want. This can also be done automatically by using the “auto” brush.
  3. Lastly, position your custom sticker accordingly. The size and rotation can be adjusted to make sure you have the ideal fit! If you want a more seamless blend between the sticker and fall background image, a fall filter or even with stickers and text can be applied!

What makes this feature great is that you can use any picture and fall leaves background. Like in this example – though the subject is sitting down, it still fits well because of the angle of the backdrop image:

(Credits to Jeffrey Erhunse on Unsplash)

With autumn right around the corner, it’s important that you know about these fun and easy editing hacks to make sure you have the best fall pictures! Thanks to the filters, stickers, doodle pens, and even a background changer, BeautyPlus makes this editing process simple to do. Enjoy this fall season and happy editing!

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