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[2024 Latest] Free] 10 Recommended Photo Processing Apps for Mosaic and Blur and Tips for Photo Processing


When uploading photos to social networking sites such as Instagram, you often want to erase strangers who have been reflected in the photo! When uploading photos to social networking sites such as Instagram, it is often the case that you want to remove strangers who are reflected in the photo.

In such cases, blurring and mosaic processing can be used to edit photos in a stylish way. In this article, we will recommend 10 photo processing apps that can do mosaic and blurring, and teach you many tips for blurring and mosaic!

What is blur processing and mosaic processing?

Difference between blurring and mosaic

What is the difference between blurring and mosaic?

Many people use them casually, but may not know the difference clearly.

Although blurring and mosaic are the same in that they are used to hide specific areas of an image, they are actually two different editing methods.

Let us first introduce the characteristics of blurring and mosaic.

Characteristics of photo blurring

  • Blurring an object and blurring the background can create a stylish image that looks as if it was taken with an SLR camera.
  • It can create a natural effect, but if you don’t choose the right degree of blurring, the content you want to hide may not be completely hidden.

Photo mosaic processing features

  • It divides the image into small square or rectangular blocks, creating an effect that makes the entire image look pixelated.
  • Mosaic processing can completely hide private information, such as faces, and can also make the areas you want to emphasize more clearly.

Why Blur and Mosaic?

There are many reasons for blurring and mosaic photos, but the following two main reasons are often cited.

Privacy protection: Mosaic and blurring are often used to protect personal privacy and security when posting photos on social networking sites such as Instagram and Twitter, including faces, addresses, and personal information. You should be especially careful when uploading photos to social networking sites such as Instagram.
Visual effects: Blurring the background can create a visually stylish photo. Blurring is also often used to create artistic effects and a fantastic atmosphere.

Mosaic and blurring are also often used for face-hiding processing where you don’t want your face to appear on Instagram or social networking sites.

Tips for choosing the best blurring and mosaic app

The following are tips for choosing the best blurring and mosaic application.

Please refer to these tips to choose the best blurring/mosaic app for you.

  1. Functions and features: Each mosaic app has different functions and features, such as the ability to make fine adjustments with your finger, or the ability to easily create mosaics in the form of circles, triangles, hearts, etc. Since there are different free and paid options available depending on the smartphone app, it is recommended to download multiple mosaic apps and use a combination of mosaic and blur processing options.
  2. Easy-to-use interface: By choosing an intuitive and easy-to-use smartphone app, even beginners can easily create stylish mosaics and blurring once they get the hang of it.
  3. Customization options: Choose a smartphone app that allows you to finely adjust the size and density of the mosaic process and the strength of the photo blur.
  4. Compatibility and integration: Choose a smartphone app that is compatible with iOS and Android so you can use it across devices.
  5. Performance and Speed: It is important to choose a smartphone app that runs fast and provides smooth image processing.
  6. Cost: Choose a smartphone app that is free or affordable. Some smartphone apps offer free mosaic and blurring functions, while others offer paid options, so choose the function that best suits your needs and make the most of the mosaic app.
  7. High quality photos: By choosing a mosaic app that can process high quality images with a beautiful finish, you can prevent your photos from looking bad when uploaded to Instagram or SNS.

By referring to these tips, you can choose the best mosaic processing and blurring image editing app for your needs. You can also refer to ratings and reviews, so you can find an excellent free mosaic processing app based on the tips and opinions obtained from other users.

10 recommended free photo processing apps for mosaic and blurring

Now that you know the difference between mosaic processing and blurring, here are some recommended smartphone photo processing apps for beginners and professionals alike.

From the list of recommended smartphone apps, we invite you to download a free smartphone app that allows you to process stylish mosaics to your liking.

Free processing apps for mosaic processing and blurring, known as the original beauty face app (1): BeautyPlus


BeautyPlus is a photo processing application that allows you to easily blur and mosaic photos with a single tap on the background. The interface of the app is very easy to understand and intuitive, making it an easy-to-use app even for beginners.

In addition to mosaic and blurring, the app also offers a full range of content, including beautiful skin effects, filters, face correction, and face-hiding material, so you can definitely edit your photos to make them Instagram-worthy.

It is a versatile app that can do everything with this one app, from a wealth of local content to the AI functions and photo editing that are so popular right now.

Free photo processing app with a wide variety of mosaic and blur processing (2): Picsart


Picsart is a free photo processing application that offers a wide variety of blur processing types, and can create unusual and stylish blur effects not found in other applications.

The recommended blur processing is the “Motion Blur” effect, which can create a mysterious illusory feeling as if your eyes are out of focus. We recommend this mosaic processing and blur processing app for those who want to try out different effects and for Insta-worthy images.

It is free and easy to use, even for beginners.

Free photo processing app for easy professional-grade mosaic processing and blurring (3): PhotoDirector


PhotoDirector is a professional image editing application with a full range of basic editing functions, plus a variety of tools and detailed adjustments such as mosaic and blurring.

In addition to its features as a mosaic application, its greatest feature is its numerous editing tools that utilize AI technology. Adjustment tasks such as skin correction and image stabilization, as well as bold edits such as sky replacement and photo animation can be edited in a few clicks even by beginners. This is a recommended mosaic processing and blurring application that allows even beginners to easily process photos to a professional level.

Free photo processing app for mosaic and blurring with a wide variety of face-hiding materials (4): Meitu


Meitu has many fashionable and trendy mosaic processing and face-hiding materials, with various themes such as “Trend, Pattern, Color, Classic,” etc. In addition to mosaicing and blurring, you can also use AI illustration, beautifying correction filters, cropping, and various other photo processing for free, so it is highly recommended for editing selfies and portraits. As a tip, mosaic processing can also be done immediately by simply pressing and holding the icon on the home screen, so even beginners can easily operate it and it is very convenient.

Recommended free photo processing application (5): YouCam Perfect” which can process mosaic processing and blurring by automatic recognition

YouCam Perfect is an excellent photo processing app for mosaic processing with automatic recognition by AI; the automatic recognition function by AI recognizes people and backgrounds independently, allowing you to apply mosaic or blur to only people (or only backgrounds) with a single tap. In addition to photo blurring and mosaic processing, a wide variety of face-hiding materials are available, making it easy for even beginners to create Instagram-worthy images.

Free photo processing app for creative mosaic and blurring (6): Camera360


Camera360 is the perfect photo processing application for when you want to create a mosaic on your face with effects that you can’t find anywhere else. It has many effects and can be used to blur and mosaic as face-hiding material. For background blurring, there is a “Custom Lens,” which allows you to adjust “Cream, Soft, Swirl, and Vivid,” which is rare in blurring processing in other apps. It is recommended for those who want to process images to their liking, as it allows for creative and detailed blurring. It is perfect for creative insta-processing.

Free photo processing application (7): Fotor” to enjoy the latest mosaic processing


Fotor is a photo processing application that allows you to flexibly adjust the intensity of blurring and mosaicing of photos up to 100 levels. Especially for mosaics, you can download the latest mosaics for each theme from the store. There are mosaic themes for each season, such as “Sweet Valentine, Christmas, Cute Halloween,” so you can enjoy the latest mosaics. Let’s upload the latest trends to Instagram and SNS.

Recommended free photo processing app for online sharing and editing at the same time (8): Canva


Canva is a photo processing app recommended for blurring and mosaic the entire image. This mosaic app, also known as Canva, not only allows for professional design, but also has a sharing feature that other mosaic apps do not have. It combines many editing features with the ability to collaborate with team members and friends online in real time, making it easy for even beginners to process photos like a pro.

Recommended free photo processing apps specializing in mosaic processing (9): Photo Mosaic


Photo Mosaic” is a photo processing application that allows users to intuitively blur and mosaic photos by simply tracing a finger. There are 12 variations of mosaic processing available in this mosaic application, and the width and intensity of the blur can be processed by adjusting from four levels. It is a mosaic application that can fully enjoy the mosaic processing is available in abundance as a material to hide the face.

Free photo processing application for unique mosaic processing and blur processing (10): Mosaic +


Mosaic+ is a photo processing app recommended for its diverse mosaics and stylish oil painting style photo blurring process. The mosaic processing of this mosaic app includes unique designs such as haze glass and faceted glass, so there are many face-hiding materials. It is recommended for those who want to process unique images that don’t look like others on Instagram. In addition, there are many hand-drawing style photo blurring effects with different textures such as oil painting, pencil and spray, etc. You can process a stylish and original image with this one mosaic app.

How to blur the background

How to blur the background automatically

How to manually blur the face or other parts of the image

From here, we will show you how to actually use the photo processing application to blur and mosaic your photo.

This time, we will use “BeautyPlus,” a free photo processing application that can do both mosaic and blurring.

Step1 Select the photo you want to blur

After launching the BeautyPlus app on your phone, tap the “+” button on the home screen and select the photo you want to blur from the photo editing menu.

You can also take a photo with your phone on the spot and process the blurring, so you can do it as you wish.

Step2 Select the photo blur processing tool

Select “Edit” from the Tools menu at the bottom of the screen and tap “Blur”.

  1. Select “Auto Blur”: You can choose “Auto” or “Manual” within the blurring process.
  2. Adjust the effect: if you want to adjust the effect manually, choose “Manual” and swipe the blur degree slider bar left or right to adjust it.

Step3 Complete & save the photo

Once the blurring effect is applied, tap “Done” or the check mark icon to complete the blurring process.

This completes the blurring process of the photo in the BeautyPlus app.

Please save the changes, and if necessary, share them with your friends and social networking sites such as Instagram, and be sure to share the tips and tricks as well.

Automatic blur processing is highly recommended for beginners and those who are not good at photo editing, as it allows you to edit and process your photos into stylish photos with a single tap.

This blurred photo has a nice look with the subject emphasized~

How to mosaic a photo (automatic and manual)

Step1Select the photo you want to mosaic

Launch the BeautyPlus app on your phone. Tap “Edit Photo” and select the photo you want to edit from the gallery.

Step2 Select photo mosaic processing tool

Select “Edit” from the tool menu at the bottom of the screen, and tap “Mosaic”.

Step3 Mosaic processing automatically or manually

If you want to create a mosaic with a single tap, select the Auto Mosaic option and make sure that the mosaic is automatically applied to the face or a specific area.

If you want to fine-tune only a part of the image, select the manual mosaicize option and cover the area you want to apply the mosaic on the screen by tracing it with your finger. You can also try mosaic in the shapes of “triangle, circle, and heart.” If you overdo it, you can easily correct it with the eraser.

When to use mosaic and blurring in photos?

In private: when you are in a private place

  1. Protecting personal information: If you have important information or people in your photo, such as your personal ID or car license plate, that may be misused or cause trouble, use mosaic or blurring to cover these areas and protect your privacy and the privacy of others.
  2. Face masking: If your photo does not look good or if there are parts you want to hide, you can use mosaic and blurring as face masking materials to hide them in a stylish way. There are many mosaic processing and blur processing available for face-hiding materials, so find your favorite one.

When Photographing:

Create beautiful blurred backgrounds, highlight your subject, or take quality photos without a DSLR camera. Create a dreamy atmosphere throughout your photos.

For digital creators:

  1. Blur specific areas: Creatively blur and process specific areas within a photo to enhance the visual effect and artistic quality. Express originality and artistry. The blur effect can be used to create moderate boundaries between different layers or elements to maintain balance in the overall design.
  2. Create art with mosaic processing: the overall mood and composition of your work can be improved, and the mosaic effect can be used to turn a photo into a unique work of art.

For E-Commerce:

Blur the background of a product image to make the product itself stand out and encourage people to buy it.

The trick is to blur the background to highlight key areas of the product to make it more appealing.

You can also use mosaic processing in novel ways to differentiate your brand or product from other competing products, pursuing originality and uniqueness of your brand or product and differentiating yourself from your competitors.


Marketing Use:

Blurring and transparency can be combined to create a “glassmorphism effect” that makes elements look like frosted glass. Create stylish posters and advertising materials to enhance visual appeal and attract attention.

We have also compiled a list of tips and benefits of blurring and mosaic processing as marketing use for your reference.


  1. Guide the eye: Use background blurring to focus the eye on the product or key information.
  2. Stimulate Curiosity: Use partial mosaics to draw the consumer’s curiosity by shrouding new products or unpublished information in secrecy.
  3. Sales promotions: Use a limited mosaic effect to highlight special offers or discount information.

Benefits of Using Blur or Mosaic:

  1. Increased attention: Focused attention improves the effectiveness of your advertisements and promotions.
  2. Generates interest: Increases interest in new products and services by capturing the consumer’s attention.
  3. Increased sales: effective blurring and mosaic can lead to successful sales promotions and campaigns, contributing to increased sales.

In this issue, we have recommended 10 mosaic apps for the latest mosaic and blurring in 2024, as well as photo processing methods and tips for beginners to use. Did you find your favorite mosaic app?

Please download the mosaic app that can mosaic processing and blur processing that suits you best, and try various touches to get the hang of processing.

The mosaic app I used today is BeautyPlus.

It is a versatile app that can do everything with this one app, from local content and a wealth of face-hiding materials that can be used to hide faces to timely uploads for each event, and even the AI functions and photo editing that are so popular right now. Please try to share your stylishly processed photos on SNS such as Instagram with the mosaic apps we have introduced this time!

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