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East VS West Makeup – Summer Edition!

The media has long discussed the differences between Western and Asian makeup looks.

When we see the specific characteristics of different makeup looks, we become curious. Many of us start collecting new cosmetic products to try out the new styles.

However, you might not know what to do, or how to put on makeup, or you might worry that those product won’t look good on you.


Before you actually start trying new products, or if you have just a little curiosity about the different makeup styles you’ve seen, why don’t you try virtual makeup first by using BeautyPlus?

Virtual makeup try-on’s have gained popular since the start of the pandemic as it has become more difficult to try on products at cosmetics stores, and BeautyPlus can even help you try on new products when you’re shopping online or at the store.

So, let’s get started!!

First of all, we will highlight the different characteristics of popular Eastern and Western makeup looks. Each person has different beauty standards and different preferences, so we just want to help you to find your favorite style without defining your beauty standard for you 🙂

Most of all, we hope our tips can help you to enjoy putting together your own makeup looks!

Table of Contents

  1. East VS West
  2. Create Your Summer Makeup Look
  3. East vs West AR stickers

1. East VS West

east vs west makeup from BeautyPlus
east vs west makeup from BeautyPlus

According to the characteristics above, we’d like to recommend you some Asian and Western AR makeup looks and features for you to try for your Summer makeup look!!

2. Let’s Create Your Summer Makeup Look with BeautyPlus

  • East Asian Style

1. “Pecan” eyeshadow, featuring blue eyeliners at the outer corner of eyes. The blue eyeliner has ocean vibes and is a trending summer eyeliner in Asia.

Features Used:

2. “Soft” eyelashes and “Horizonal” eyebrows. A natural look is important!

3. “Eye Smiles” is a necessary add-on to make your eyes larger.

4. Apply the “OR01” blush with a sunburn style. The normal Asian brush style is “Drunk”, which is round, but we used a suntanned style to create our summer look.

5. Apply the “OR03” lip color with a glossy texture.

Now your fresh and juicy Summer Makeup is complete!! We also applied the same features to the Western model’s pictures.

It looks nice, right??

East VS West Makeup 11
East VS West Makeup 12
  • Western Style

Features Used:

1. “V-shape” contours to enhance your glowing skin!

2. “Umber” eyeshadow and “Energetic” eyelashes to create gorgeous eyes.

3. Fluffy brows are 2021’s trendiest eyebrow style among celebs. Why not use “Vertically” for your eyebrows?

4. “ND01” Brush with “Fresh” style, to make your face look sharp and healthy.

5. Finally, apply “OR01” lip color with “Full Lips” style. Orange is the worldwide color for summer!

Glamorous Glowing Summer Makeup is here!!

We also applied the same features to the Asian model’s pictures. Your “New Me” is so hot! 

Additionally, we recommend you use the freckles effect, located in the Contour tab, to get a natural healthy summer makeup look!

Have you ever dared to try freckles with your eyeshadow or eyeliner? You don’t need to go through that process anymore, now you can get natural freckles in just one tap!

3. East vs West AR Stickers

If you want to apply Asian or Western makeup during real-time shooting, you can use AR stickers! We recommend you try some AR stickers with both Asian and Western characteristics.

• 3 recommended Asian AR makeup looks

Our selected Asian AR makeups stickers feature pinkish lip colors and blush to give you a cute and innocent look. They are natural looks that can revive your natural beauty from within!

3 recommended Western AR makeup looks

These makeup looks are especially suitable for the summer, featuring nude colors and emphasizing healthy, glowing skin. They are colorless compared to Asian makeup but they can really give you a sexy, stylish gorgeous look!

Enjoy the difference in styles and try on some new looks!! We hope this article helps enhance your makeup trials 🙂

See you next time!

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