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How to Get an Hourglass Body with Diet and Exercise + Some AI Magic

Wondering how to get an hourglass body? Same! Scrolling through social media day after day, I felt like everyone was rocking that perfect body shape, and I wanted mine, too. So, I got into work.

Over the past months, I learned that to achieve an hourglass figure, you have to be smart with your fitness routine. You need the right blend of diet tips, exercises, and even the best poses to enhance your natural curves in pictures.

How To Get An Hourglass Body With Diet and Exercise + Some AI Magic

And if those proved insufficient, I discovered this little secret weapon – BeautyPlus. This body editor lets you tweak your photos to show you what you can look forward to, keeping you motivated every step of the way!

What Is an Hourglass Figure?

When talking about body shape types, the hourglass body shape is often one that stands out. Why? Because this body type is often associated with a strong, healthy physique.

This curvy body type typically features a fuller bust size, a narrow waist, and hips roughly the same width as the chest, creating that iconic hourglass silhouette.

What Is an Hourglass Figure - curvy body type

Body fat distribution plays a big role here. People with hourglass figures tend to store more fat in their hips and bust, and less around their waistline. This creates that defined waist and curvy look that’s characteristic of the hourglass figure.

Ask any woman, and they’ll say that an hourglass figure is a body shape they aim for. But how can you achieve such a physique? Will diet and exercise alone do? And if so, how do you start?

Next, let’s explore TOP 4 ways to be a 10 in curvy body shap:

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Way 1. The Role of Healthy Diet

Achieving an hourglass figure involves more than just wishing it into existence! The key is to nourish your body with a healthy diet. Below are some tips and tricks I did that took me closer to my goal:

Healthy Diet

Healthy Diet for an hourglass body

A healthy diet is important for reducing overall body fat and emphasizing the right curves. Here’s how to get an hourglass figure through targeted diet:

  • Cut down on processed foods and added sugar: These can sabotage your weight loss efforts and lead to fat accumulation around the waist.
  • Increase lean protein: Foods like chicken, fish, tofu, and legumes can help build muscle.
  • Incorporate healthy fats: Avocados, nuts, seeds, and olive oil can help you feel full longer and are essential for overall health.
  • Focus on fiber-rich vegetables and fruits: These not only help in digestion but also help you stay lean by keeping you fuller for longer.

Way 2. The Role of Exercise

Another key to get an hourglass body is to have a regular workout routine.

Exercise Routine

Exercise Routine for an Hourglass body type

A tailored workout routine can help you achieve your desired hourglass shape. Here’s what to incorporate:

  • Cardio: While not directly shaping muscles, cardio is important for reducing overall body fat.
  • Focus on your core: Engage your core muscles with exercises like planks and Russian twists to sculpt around the waist.
  • Glutes and thighs workout: Squats and lunges while holding a dumbbell in each hand can strengthen and build muscle in your lower body. Start by standing with your feet flat, slowly lower your body while keeping your back straight, and push your hips toward the ceiling.
  • Strength training: Don’t just focus on having a strong lower body. Do exercises that target the upper body, like your shoulders and chest. Try bench presses or push-ups (even without weights) to shape and tone your muscles.

It’s important to remember that patience and consistency are key when working toward an hourglass shape. In my case, the right diet and workout routine not only made me look great but feel amazing, too!

Way 3. Poses to Accentuate Your Hourglass Shape

We’ve talked about sculpting an hourglass figure from the inside out, but let’s not forget the power of a great pose!

Yep, learning how to get an hourglass body through diet and exercise is just the first step. Just like a great exercise helps sculpt your body, mastering certain poses can enhance the way your body looks, giving the illusion of an hourglass figure.

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Here are the top hourglass body shape poses to show off your curves:

The Hand on Hip

This classic pose creates a defined waistline and highlights your hips for that perfect hourglass shape. It works best with clothes for hourglass shapes that hug your curves.

The Hand on Hip for perfect hourglass shape

The Staggered Stance

This pose elongates your body and creates a natural curve at your waist, emphasizing the coveted hourglass shape.

The Staggered Stance for perfect hourglass shape

The Leaning Pose

Play with different angles and see what works best to showcase your curves. Having correct-fitting clothes is also essential for achieving an hourglass figure in photos.

The Leaning Pose for perfect hourglass shape

Way 4. How To Get An Hourglass Body Using BeautyPlus Body Editor

Now, let’s be honest. It’s hard to achieve that top hourglass body shape. Besides, if you’re not naturally blessed with a curvy body type, even a healthy diet and exercise routine won’t get you there. This is where a handy body editor like BeautyPlus comes in.

If you want to try it out yourself, you can download the app here.

Once you’ve installed it on your phone, here’s how to use the BeautyPlus app to create the perfect body shape with just a few taps:

Step 1: Open the BeautyPlus app and tap on Start Editing.

Go to BeautyPlus and find the “Start Editing” on the homepage.

Step 2: Pick and upload the photo you want to edit.

Submit a photo from your smartphone gallery.

Step 3: Click on Portrait and then swipe left until you find Body Tuner.

Go to “Portrait” tab and swipe left to find “Body tuner.” This is where the magic happens!

Step 4: Click on Auto and choose which part of the body you want to edit.

BeautyPlus offers adjustments for your waist, hips, legs, arms, shoulders, and more. You can switch to “Auto” mode and find them.

Let’s have a look at the editing effect on the body parts:

Slim Waist

For example, let’s say you want a smaller waist to create a more defined midsection. Click on “Waist” and then use the slider to adjust the size.

Here’s a side-by-side comparison of the edit I made:

You can do the same for your hips and thighs to create a more balanced and curvier shape that complements your hourglass goals.

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Elongate Legs

In the example below, not only did I edit the image for a smaller waist but also elongated the legs to make it look more proportional. You can do the same by tapping on Legs and using the slider.

Resize Breasts

As mentioned, having an hourglass body isn’t just focused on achieving a smaller waist and wider hips. You also want a fuller bust. For that, just tap on “ↄ” to resize the breasts. Then, using the slider, you’d be able to achieve the same results as below:

Remember, it’s all about subtlety. While BeautyPlus can give you an hourglass figure, using the app excessively can make your edits look unrealistic. Use the sliders lightly and focus on enhancing your natural curves for a flattering and believable result.

Step 5: Save to phone gallery or upload it to your social media profile!

Once you’re satisfied with the adjustments, click the check mark to apply them. You can save your newly edited photo to your device or immediately upload it to your socials.

The BeautyPlus app offers more than just its Body Tuner. It is an all-in-one photo and video editor that uses the power of artificial intelligence to make your life easier. It has built-in filters and stickers, a reliable background remover, an AI makeup filter, and more.

So, whether you’re an aspiring social media influencer or someone who makes content for others, it’s an app that you won’t regret having on your phone. I know I don’t! I use it not only for my personal posts but also professionally, saving me hundreds on expensive editing tools.


That’s all about how to get an hourglass body. Different body shape types each have their unique charm. But if you want to know how to get an hourglass figure, focus on a holistic approach.

A healthy daily diet and regular exercise will help you reduce body fat and get stronger. Knowing how to pose while wearing the right clothes for hourglass shape can also give you that immediate confidence boost.

And for those days when you’re looking for some extra motivation, head on over to BeautyPlus. This body editor app is designed to help you achieve a perfect hourglass figure fast so you can visualize your goals. Try it out today to know what I’m talking about!

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