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Doodle Away & Redo Your Photo!

Have you ever taken a photo and felt like something was missing? Or that the photo was too “boring” and needed to be enhanced somehow? Well, you’re in luck because the BeautyPlus App recently introduced the perfect tool to decorate photos…the Doodle Pen!

The Doodle Pen allows you to freely doodle on your photo with a range of designs to choose from, depending on what best suits your picture. There is a total of 4 categories – Basic, Cute, Flare, and Dream.

Let’s explore these settings below!


One of my favorite ways to use the Doodle Pen is by covering a blank background like this:

Doodle Away 01

To achieve this, chose a pattern that best matches your picture. I simply clicked on my chosen setting and brushed over the areas I want covered. I then used the eraser to remove the decorations from any undesired places. The result is a clean edit and a pleasing photo to look at!


You can also draw outlines, with lines ranging from dotted markings to ones that glow. On the left panel, there is a wide color palette to choose from, making it convenient to switch colors and making your photo more vibrant.

Doodle Away 02


Lastly, with the doodle pen, you can easily write words and draw fancy designs. You can even adjust the size of the pen to your liking, which is especially useful for writing legibly or drawing in a small area.

Doodle Away 03

The Doodle Pen showcases just one of the many features BeautyPlus has to offer! Its’ straightforward application and great variety in size, color, and pattern, make it a loved feature on the app. Use BeautyPlus to effortlessly improve and create your ideal photo in an instant!

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