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Exploring CHIBASHIGE’s Inspiration and Collaboration with the Design+ Program

Meet CHIBASHIGE, a talented Japanese sticker creator known for his beautiful and intricate designs. In this interview, we explore the story behind his creations and the Design+ program. It is a global design partnership initiative by the popular photo and video editing app BeautyPlus. BeautyPlus has expanded its offerings to become a platform for creativity and design in recent years, and CHIBASHIGE’s work is a prime example of this shift. Let’s hear from the artist himself about his creative process and inspiration.

CHIBASHIGE and His Design

CHIBASHIGE is a Japanese designer known for his unique blend of traditional and modern styles. His Japanese New Year sticker “Hokkori New Year” for BeautyPlus is a perfect example of this. It combines a colorful and playful design with elements of traditional Japanese culture with a western touch.

According to CHIBASHIGE, the inspiration for the design came from his childhood memories. He often received lucky money with the character “Kotobuki” on New Year’s Day and watched the doll “shishimai” dancing at New Year’s shrines. He wanted to create a design that would bring back those memories for others and celebrate the joy and renewal of the season. Therefore, the sticker features a cartoonish version of the rabbit, the zodiac of 2023. There are many other symbols of Japanese New Year including the daruma doll, kadomatsu, mochi, red snapper and uchidashi kozuchi, which represent best wishes and good luck. The design is both cute and sophisticated, with a muted color palette in a collage style.

Design+ and BeautyPlus

CHIBASHIGE’s sticker is a beautiful example of the talent and creativity of the designers involved in the Design+ program, which is a global partnership run by Pixocial Technology. The program allows designers, design studios, and artists from around the world to contribute their talents to BeautyPlus, and create world-class visual effects.


This collaboration is part of BeautyPlus’s broader transformation from a selfie app to a photo, video, and design platform. Founded in 2013, BeautyPlus offers intuitive photo and video solutions for everyone. The app’s user-friendly interface offers a variety of features, including easy-to-use beauty tools and templates for beginners, as well as advanced editing tools such as layer management and overlay modes for designers. In addition to iOS and Android apps, now its Web editor tools are all available to help users boost productivity easily.

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By partnering with designers from around the world, BeautyPlus is able to offer a wide range of unique and culturally-specific materials to its users. This not only enhances the user experience but also improves BeautyPlus’s reputation as a diverse and inclusive app. Whether you’re a fan of different cultures or just looking for something fun and playful to add to your photos, BeautyPlus‘s content is definitely worth checking out.

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