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My Favorite Stickers to use for Scrapbooking

With Thanksgiving coming up soon and a ton of foodies learning how to cook different things this year, I’ve been keeping up with recipes in a scrapbook and printing photos of each dish I made for the pages. The one photo I use for each recipe needs to look bright and appetizing for whenever I need to reference it and cook it again; That’s where the filters from the BeautyPlus app come handy.

Using these quick roll cake photos I took from a fun baking session. ? I wanted to save one in my recipe notebook. Before printing it out for my cooking scrapbook, I’ll prep it in my BeautyPlus app first.

My Favorite Stickers 01

These are the before and after for my strawberry roll cakes!

I’ll add a filter first to brighten the overall photo, since prints from my phone tend to print darker first. However once all the colors and lighting are set, there’s a ton of stickers to stamp over pictures. The ones that come in ready in the app are pretty fun to work with, but there’s also a Sticker Store where you can find more to download.

You can find so many niches of sticker types to choose from to build an aesthetic. For this article I’ll be playing more with stickers that look more hand-drawn, so they can blend in with my scrapbook better.

My Favorite Stickers 02

An array of stickers to choose from!

My Favorite Stickers 03

Some more food prints decorated with stickers!

In short, there’s dozens of ways to dress up the perfect photo to remind you how great it tasted, or how fun it was to make; or difficult. I can spend five minutes to a five fifteen if a wanted editing a baked goods photo using the BeautyPlus App.? It can come in so handy for social media needs or personal use. Have fun decorating!

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