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[Free] Top 5 Recommended Latest Popular Free Photo Processing Apps in 2024

Nowadays, as more and more photos are shared on Instagram and SNS, photo editing apps that allow you to create professional-looking selfies, landscapes, and gourmet photos are appearing one after another. Therefore, this time we will introduce a photo editing camera app that allows you to easily create stylish photos with a selection of stylish filters and collages for free.

This will save you the time and effort you used to have to edit by yourself, and your SNS posting will become smoother!

Now, let’s take a look at the features of the popular free photo editing apps we recommend, as well as photo editing apps that rival the pros!

Points to note when choosing a popular free photo editing app

The following points should be considered when choosing a popular free photo editing app.

If the operation screen is complicated, it will be difficult to use and editing will not go smoothly, and if you do not have a template of your choice, you will not be able to edit easily!

How about looking for your favorite photo editing app and paying attention to the following points? The quality of future photo processing will also be improved, making it much easier and time-saving!

  • Are there many types of filters?
  • Do you have a collage that you like?
  • Scene selection
  • Aspect ratio adjustment function
  • SNS share function
  • Is it easy to operate?
  • Enhanced video shooting functions
  • Function to erase background and increase image resolution

Top 5 recommended free photo editing apps

Click here to see the popular free photo editing apps!

  1. BeautyPlus ” is an overwhelmingly popular free photo processing app with a variety of filters and real-time content.

BeautyPlus is a simple and easy-to-use AI-powered photo editing app that is a functional and practical all-in-one photo/video editing app.

The AI photo editor can generate multiple styles with one click, including AI repair, AI high quality enhancement that increases image resolution, AI remover, and the ability to erase the image background. You can use thousands of other content as much as you like, and it’s packed with useful features such as stylish free stamps and filters, and a makeup feature to enhance your selfies.

2. SNOW, a photo processing app with plenty of AR filters for selfies


SNOW is a popular photo editing app with cute animal stickers and AR filters. If you choose your favorite sticker and take a selfie, you can easily post it on Instagram or SNS without editing. You can also add lines and graffiti to photos and videos to make them look cute. This is a popular free photo editing app that is also suitable for taking selfies.

3. SODA, a popular photo processing app with gentle filters


SODA is a popular free photo editing app that has a variety of photo editing effect styles, including a variety of gentle filters for women, and face size and slimming editing functions. Easy to operate and use, you can easily take cute selfies.

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4. Ulike, a photo processing app specializing in selfies with simple operations


Ulike is a photo editing app that specializes in selfies with simple operations. This is a convenient photo editing app that simulates poses that are often difficult to take when taking photos, and allows you to fine-tune the shape of the eyes, mouth, and face size on demand.

5. “PhotoDirector” is a photo processing app with gorgeous filters and frame decorations.


PhotoDirector is an easy-to-use, powerful, and popular free photo editing app that simplifies the editing process and allows you to easily adjust the colors of your photos while performing photo editing such as blurring and background removal. It has various functions such as gorgeous filters and frame decorations. The web version is also complete.

Among these popular free photo editing apps, we would like to introduce you to some amazing features that will make it easy to make your photos look stylish and beautiful!

It’s a loss if you don’t know! Divine features that make your photos more sophisticated

AI remover to erase unnecessary things from photos

Easily erase unnecessary people in the background with AI Remover!

This AI remover is different from the conventional remover function, and is an amazing function in that AI recognizes the surrounding background, narrows down unnecessary items, and makes it as if nothing had happened in the first place.

This is a feature that is incomparably more advanced than conventional removers!

BeautyPlus ‘ AI remover has improved performance by far!

Get in the picture! Goodbye! With just one tap, it will be as if it never existed in the first place!

A must-see for fans! Create support fan characters using stylish fonts

Among the photo processing apps of 2024, the photo processing app BeautyPlus is probably the only one that has templates that allow you to create original fan characters .

There are also stylish fonts that can be used to create fan letters, and you can easily edit photos and add original stickers and glitter.

Now, I’ll show you how to make a stylish fan character font!

First, find the “fan character” from the templates in the photo processing app BeautyPlus . Then, change the template you like to your original! There are many fonts, so check out the fan letters that match your favorite color and atmosphere!

If you are adding a photo, be sure to use the background removal function to remove the background beforehand!

The photo processing app BeautyPlus has a lot of stylish fonts that you can use to create cute modern fan characters! Please try using it!

Also, if you would like to create a more detailed fan letter to support your promotion with a video, check here !

AI Enhancement function to increase image resolution

There are photos taken at night or in the dark, or old photos with poor resolution! In such a case, the photo editing app BeautyPlus has a divine function! Good AI enhancement function that increases image resolution !

Just select AI Enhance (Photo Repair) from Edit! AI will automatically recognize the image and increase the resolution!

It’s easy! Please try using it.

The photo processing app BeautyPlus has a variety of local contents that match the seasons and events. There are many ways to use it, such as creating a memory album of the year by editing photos of annual events. In addition, BeautyPlus is a photo processing app that specializes in the currently trending AI functions, local content, and not only selfies but also editing.

It has other features as well, so why not give it a try?

  • Filter types: Various and rich filter options
  • Stylish collage: stylish collage designs available
  • Scene selection: Shooting options for various scenes
  • Aspect ratio adjustment function: A convenient function that allows you to freely change the aspect ratio of photos.
  • SNS sharing: Easily post edited images to SNS
  • Initial settings operation: Easy-to-use and customizable initial settings
  • Enhanced video shooting functions: Full of functions that allow you to enjoy high-quality video shooting and editing


1. Q: Is it really free to use popular photo editing apps?

A: Yes, the popular free photo editing app BeautyPlus and other popular free photo editing apps are available for free. However, if you want additional features or an ad-free version, you may need to upgrade to a paid plan.

2. Q: How is the copyright of photos created with popular photo editing apps handled?

A: With the popular free photo editing app BeautyPlus and other popular free photo editing apps, the copyright of the edited photos belongs to the user. However, each photo processing app has different terms of use, so please check the terms of use of each photo processing app.

3. Q: Is it okay to post photos edited with popular photo editing apps on SNS?

A: The popular free photo editing app BeautyPlus and other popular free photo editing apps are designed to be used for the purpose of posting edited photos on SNS. However, commercial use may be restricted depending on the photo editing app, so please check the terms of use before using it for commercial purposes.

4. Q: Can I edit photos offline with popular photo editing apps ?

A: Some free photo editing apps allow offline editing, but photo editing apps that process in the cloud require an internet connection. Please check the specifications of each photo processing app.


What did you think.

When choosing a popular free photo editing app, choose one that suits your needs, such as a wide variety of filters and frames, increasing image resolution, erasing backgrounds, aspect ratio adjustment, and SNS sharing functions. is important. Why not add color to your memories and record them using various photo editing apps?

The photo editing app has thousands of stickers, filters, templates, and lots of stylish and cute content created in collaboration with Japanese illustrators, depending on the season or event.

Why not try out the popular free photo editing app BeautyPlus?

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