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Butterflies are currently trending. It’s a new aesthetic! I’ve seen butterflies on crop tops, jeans, sweatshirts, jackets, and even handbags! BeautyPlus has some butterfly stickers that are only available to BeautyPlus Premium members. However, it’s well worth the subscription because these stickers add so much to a boring photo! The stickers can be found when you open the application home page and scroll down a little:

Once you open the app, you get to pick from a selection of different butterflies. Some are a single butterfly and some are clusters of them! The image below is a good example of a before and after using individual butterflies.

When you click on one, the 4 corners will have different actions. +1 means duplicate the butterflies. X means delete. The 2 diagonal arrows mean change the size. The remaining one flips the sticker. If you hold the sticker and twist, you can turn it.

I suggest using butterflies that match the color theme of the photo. The portrait above is a black background so it doesn’t matter. But take this photo for example:

The woman in the portrait is wearing pink so pink + white butterflies match the best! It makes it seem as if she is attracting the butterflies with her loveliness.

The stickers are also effective in a zoomed-out landscape photo. I’ve shown two different before and after examples below. In one of them, I used a cluster of butterflies and duplicated them several times.

These stickers may be trending, but you might not be interested. There is a large selection of other BeautyPlus Premium stickers. I find that there are suitable ones for every occasion. Make sure to check them out!


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