• Samantha Lianes


It’s so exciting to be expecting around this time of year! Even through pregnancy, there are so many women who will get to celebrate Mother’s Day with their little one, even if they haven’t arrived yet. Documenting those moments can be the funniest part, especially when decorating them using the new baby shower stickers on BeautyPlus! They’re fun, simple, and can brighten an already beautiful picture to make this special Mother’s Day memorable.

Table of Contents

  1. The Pregnancy Calendar Stickers

  2. Baby Shower Illustration stickers

  3. Other Ways to Decorate Your Moments

1. The Pregnancy Calendar Stickers

It’s so much fun keeping track of your pregnancy by comparing them to different sizes of fruits and vegetables, in correspondence to how many weeks you’re along. BeautyPlus came out with some really cute stickers to use for keeping track of the progress!

Preparation: Mommy Picture with Filter (Mauve or others)

Process: After being happy with the color correction of the filters, we’re ready to start decorating! The Pregnancy Calendar Stickers can be found under the Creativity Tab > Stickers, and they come in both black and white to make sure they can stand out in your photos.

2. Baby Shower Illustration Stickers

The sticker pack right after the Pregnancy Calendars are the Baby Shower Stickers! These designs are so cute and feature pastels, lineless art, for both baby boys, girls, or unisex if you’re keeping the gender a surprise. They’re so easy to work with and pair together, so have fun while you edit!

Preparation: Baby Shower Table Decor with Filter (Mauve or others)

Process:The Baby Shower Stickers can be found under the Creativity Tab > Stickers, under a little icon that looks like a mobile. This photo was also decorated with a Border and Texture that can be found in Creativity Tab > Backgrounds.

3. Other ways to Decorate Your Moments

You also don’t have to limit yourself to just these sticker packs. BeautyPlus offers a ton of choices to decorate your photos with, including:

Doodle Pen


Background Frames

Many More Stickers

I’ll show a couple of examples where you can use different tools to come up with a brilliantly cute edit! Listed beside will be what I used for each photo. As the shooting tips, you can display baby clothes, baby goods or hold teddy bear with you. These baby items also help you to take “Mom to be” pictures cuter and they seem more exciting to welcome a baby!


Background > Radio & Color: (Pink)

Background > Texture: (Diamond Pattern)

Stickers: Washi Tape Pack

Stickers: Baby Shower Pack


Background > Radio & Color: (Pink)

Background > Texture: (Hearts)

Stickers: Baby Shower Pack


Background > Radio & Color: (any gradient)

Stickers: Pink Sweets Pack

Stickers: Baby Shower Pack


Stickers: Baby Calendar

Doodle Pen: “I Love U”

You’re going to have such a great time editing your pictures with all the tools BeautyPlus has to offer. Happy Mother’s Day!

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