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6 Ideas for Taking the Best Beach Aesthetic Photos

Everyone loves aesthetic photos. And that is because this fashion has added an artistic touch to social networks, especially Instagram. Take advantage of your next beach getaway to become a star in the aesthetic world. The beach is the perfect setting to take aesthetic photos. Indeed you will have already seen some in your Instagram feed. There are some amazing ones for your next beach photos!

If you also want to get some fantastic beach aesthetic photos, you are on the right blog. The secret to making your photos look aesthetic is to consider 3 aspects: the pose, the background and the editing.

In this article, we will give you 6 incredible ideas so that your vacation photos look totally aesthetic with the filters and effects of BeautyPlus.

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1. Tanned skin goes perfect with the beach photos

If you find yourself on a beach with calm waters, this is a great idea.

Get on your knees, making the water cover only your legs and pose in profile to the camera turning your torso about 45 degrees, only as far as it looks natural. Make sure your arms are stretched up, you can put your hands on your hair to make it look natural.

Good posture is essential to get good photos, so don’t forget it and don’t hunch your back. Even more, you can arch a little taking advantage that you are kneeling.

Make your photo stand out by changing your skin tone using the “tone” effect in BeautyPlus. With a single touch, you can choose how tan you want your skin.

Don’t be shy, naturally tanned skin goes perfectly with the beach.

2. Don’t forget to bring accessories!

Beach + accessories = hundreds of incredible beach aesthetic photos.

Wearing the right accessories gives you a million possibilities to take beach aesthetic photos. If you add some editing tricks to this, you will get photos that will look like they were made by professionals.

Some very versatile ideas of accessories are; hats, glasses, and of course, vintage things like a donut lifesaver.

Idea 1: Rainbow filter + text behind

So that your photos with your donut lifesaver take on the aesthetic essence, try the Rainbow filter that will give life and shine to your photo.

You can add some text on the back to make it look even more retro.

Idea 2: Use ocean stickers like a mermaid tail

Let your imagination fly and use ocean-related stickers, you can make it look like you are in the Nemo movie, or change your legs for a beautiful mermaid tail.

3. Pose with the sea in the background

Position yourself in a good spot, where nothing appears behind you. Remember that the photo’s centre is you and that good posture makes a difference.

You can add some text behind you or use the “SpongeBob flower sticker” on the sky, you can’t be on the beach and miss the opportunity to make your photo look like you’re entered Bikini Bottom. I assure you that all your followers will love it.

4. Beach aesthetic atmosphere

“Remover” to erase photo bombers  + “blur” the background + “tattoo sticker” + “rainbow filter”

Create a beach aesthetic atmosphere by combining these effects and filters.

Poses in front of the camera with some beach background. It can be the ocean or some palm trees behind you. Have a good posture and spread your legs to the height of your hip, no more. Make sure your hands are in a comfortable position and look natural.

beach photo pose 11

A good tip is to use glasses, this will prevent you from going out with a frown if the sun hit your face, and they can be also a good excuse to do something with one of your hands.

Editing idea:

The important thing to get an aesthetic photo is that nobody ruins your background. If there is something or someone that slipped in your photo, use the “remover” feature to remove any unwanted objects.

Combine this tool with the “blur” effect to get a blurred background effect and the rainbow filter to add light and beach colors.

And don’t forget to try the tattoo stickers to make yourself look incredible, too.

5. Back shot on the boat

If you go to the beach and can enjoy a boat trip, you can’t waste that opportunity!

Sit facing the horizon, with your back to the camera, turning your head slightly towards your shoulder. Just remember to get your back straight and your arms in a comfortable position or out of the shot.

Try that the sea and the sky occupy relatively the same portion of space in the photo.

To make your photo look aesthetic, try the different sky filters with which you can modify the sky. You can replace it with a rainbow sky to make it look like a sunny day. Or get creative and try with fantastic sky with some sea animals like dolphins and whales swim through the skies.

6. Photo with your friends

If you go to the beach with your friends or with your family, you can take fun aesthetic photos.

Editing idea 1: Mermaid tails

An incredible idea for a super cool photo with your friends is to wear mermaid tails!

Lie down on the beach in bikini sunbathing with the sea in the background. Cross the legs and raise them up pointing to the sky so you can change them into beautiful mermaid tails. You can use stickers or draw them yourself.

Idea 2: Remover to remove the passenger + Filter

Take a photo of you walking together along the beach with the sea in the background. Walk normally and don’t look at the camera, try to look at each other or look at the sand.

To make the photo perfect, use the “remover” tool to remove people that appear accidentally in your photo. Add a filter that gives it color and brightness.

Idea 3: Use travel-themed stickers

Edit your favorite photo of the trip with your best friend. Use travel-themed stickers to make it look like an instant photograph hung in a collage. Remember that aesthetics have a vintage essence.

As you can see, the beach is a perfect setting to take aesthetic photos. So start planning your next vacation and have fun taking the best beach aesthetic photos.

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