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How to Re-create Celebrity and TV-Inspired Makeup Looks

Thanks to social media platforms, especially TikTok, there has been a rise of popularity in the TV-show “Euphoria.” Known for its shimmery and eccentric, detailed makeup looks, “Euphoria” has become a staple influence in recent style trends. Its range of influence spans from clothing and hair, to even colorful and saturated lighting aesthetics. And so it’s not surprising that the show has led to many recreating the makeup, or doing makeup-inspired tutorials based off of “Euphoria’s” characters.

Re-create Celebrity and TV-Inspired Makeup Looks with BeautyPlus

However, if physically producing advanced makeup looks is too expensive, time-consuming, or just out of your skillset, then this article is for you! BeautyPlus has every feature you need to flawlessly apply makeup to any picture. Keep on reading to learn how to recreate the makeup looks of both famous celebrities and well-known tv-shows!

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Use AR Effects to Achieve “Euphoria” Themed Make-Up

Cassie-Style Makeup:

Cassie is known for her unique rhinestone look in Season 2, which delicately highlights the eye. Her makeup was specifically designed to emphasize her sweet and innocent character traits. Because of the mini gems, a “twinkle” effect is created, making for an ethereal and elegant look.

To find this look, navigate to “Edit” then “AR Effects.” The icon of this makeup looks like this: Just with any makeup style, the amount of makeup can be adjusted, so you don’t need to worry about getting a subtle glam.

Rue-Style Makeup:

Rue, played by Zendaya, is the protagonist of “Euphoria.” Though often sported with no makeup or an extremely natural look, there are moments where she can be seen with shimmery eye makeup! Her most popular look is known as the “glitter tear” makeup, which appears exactly as the name says.

What makes this AR effect special is the purple and pink glow filter added along with the makeup. It completely embodies the vibe of the tv-show without it going too overboard. With just one step, the entire “Euphoria” aesthetic is made! Zendaya would definitely be proud of this look!

Jules-Style Makeup:

The character Jules is famed for her consistently pigmented and colorful makeup looks. Whether it be done with saturated eyeshadows or bold and intricate liner, Jules always delivers with eccentric makeup looks that are sure to catch anyone’s attention. To replicate the unique vibe of her makeup, I used two AR makeup looks on the same subject.

I first chose this electric blue winged eyeliner, as not only the color is something she can be imagined wearing, but the liner adds a point of interest to the look. Then, I used a pink and orange tinted eyeshadow with a deep pink lip to contrast with the blue. It also adds a warm, vibrant touch to the overall makeup. With this, Jules makeup is finished!

Use the Makeup Tool for Personalized Looks

Pretty Little Liars

This TV show is a classic teen drama mystery series which quickly garnered popularity. Because of its exciting plot twists, love triangles, and its overall mysterious aesthetic, it appealed to many!

Aria Montgomery:

One of the main characters, Aria Montgomery, has a perfect rosy makeup look, paired with a smokey and bronzy eyeshadow. To achieve her look, I went into the “Makeup” Tool for more options to customize!

I simply added a nude pink tinted lip in RD04, applied rosy blush in PK01, and topped it off with a dark eyeshadow in Grey Smokey.
Ta-da! The makeup look is done and beautifully added!

Gossip Girl

Following the initial release of “Gossip Girl”, the tv show swiftly began to have a major impact on fashion trends and became a pop culture staple. Naturally, the makeup looks seen in the show also became influential among teens.

Blair Waldorf:

Blair Waldorf perfectly embodied the 2000’s look, from wearing clothing like knee high socks and headbands to natural makeup looks that complimented her fashion.

For this transformation, I began by using a pink lip in the shade PK02 in the glossy style. Then I used the orange blush in OR01 for a mature and warm look. Lastly, I applied the eyeshadow Amber, which is a gorgeous smoky orange and brown eyeshadow shade.
Her fabulous princess look is now complete!

Recreate Celebrity Looks with Makeup Tools

This flexible makeup feature can also be used to recreate celebrity looks, so let’s take a look!

Taylor Swift:

The popular singer and songwriter Taylor Swift is known for her iconic red lip and bold black liner combo. This vintage look beautifully pairs with her ice blue eyes, and compliments her music style!

To recreate this look:

  1. Lipstick, Shade RD01
  2. Eyebrow, Style Peaked
  3. Eyelashes, Style Queen
  4. Eyeshadow, Style Golden

Jennie Kim:

Jennie Kim, a member of the popular kpop girl group Blackpink, is well-known as an international fashionista. Always seen as a chic and charismatic idol, Jennie popularized the cat-eye look, along with the youthful and dewy look that emphasizes youthfulness.

To recreate this look:

  1. Lipstick, Shade RD03
  2. Contour, Shade Daily
  3. Eyelashes, Style Dreamy 2
  4. Eyeshadow, Shade Mauve
  5. Contacts, Style Nordic
  6. Eye Smiles, Style Cute

BeautyPlus’ makeup feature and AR effects is definitely a tool that will make your pictures even more Instagram worthy! It’s perfect for achieving a complex makeup look in a little amount of time, allowing you to skip the great effort it would otherwise take. Thanks to BeautyPlus, you can recreate and live out your celebrity and TV-show dreams! Happy editing!

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