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Thanksgiving AR Stickers this Month

I had the pleasure of testing out the Thanksgiving AR filters on BeautyPlus this month and found them super fun to work with. ??

What I like about these stickers are that even if you’re not wearing makeup, the app will clear up any blemishes or highlight the special features in your face, such as your eyes and smile. I’ll go into what I think each Thanksgiving Sticker has to offer. (Note that for these I will be wearing makeup)

Thanksgiving AR Stickers 01

(This Thanksgiving sticker brightens up the camera, and surrounds you with cute illustrations of fall foliage and a holiday pie at the bottom. I personally like the pumpkin-blush stickers the most.)

Thanksgiving AR Stickers 02

(This Thanksgiving filter is a bit more minimalist compared to the last one. With a crown of fall-themed emojis, the filter shows in some bokeh lights to soften the picture. The bottom corner also adds a fun Thanksgiving/BeautyPlus watermark at the bottom.)

The best part is that even if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, there’s a ton of autumn themed filters to give your photo the perfect fall touch. ?? You can use these for social media, or for personal use for this year’s special time of year.

Thanksgiving AR Stickers 03

(This filter features an animated border. This filter fades the lighting a bit and lightens my eyes to emphasize my lashes and lips, which I believe the filter also darkens. However it also really lightened my complexion a bit more than I’m used to.)

Thanksgiving AR Stickers 04

(This cute 2D border adds little blush-lines and clears up your skin a bit for you as well. This one is also a little warmer and closer to my real complexion.)

Overall, I hope you get to try these out and make your own beautiful and fun Thanksgiving memories this year! ?✨

Thanksgiving AR Stickers 05
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