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25+ Upcoming Asian Fonts for Your Next Project

In our daily lives, fonts are everywhere. From your computer to street ads.

But what do they actually do? How do they affect our moods and thoughts?

You might not realize it, but the typeface you use can have a big impact on how you feel about a piece of writing.

Think about it: some fonts are very blocky and angular, while others are curvy and soft-looking. Some look like handwriting, while others seem more formal and official. Some are large and bold, while others are small and delicate.

Choosing a font is one way to help guide your readers through your content. Making sure they understand what you’re trying to say. If you want to give your writing personality or make it stand out (and who doesn’t?). Then choosing a font that fits the tone of what you’re trying to convey is crucial!

Say Hello to the New Fonts

As part of Pixocial‘s localization strategy and in our ongoing efforts to provide better design features and services to users, Pixocial plans to have collaborative fonts with local font providers in Japan, Korea, and Thailand launched in March. This partnership marks a significant milestone.

To match the aesthetics and usage habits of native users, these fonts use local cultural elements and language. The font companies we collaborate with are also more influential locally, which should help us gain further traction in the Asian market.

Inspiration for Your Next Project: 25+ Upcoming Asian Fonts

As the market leader in Japanese fonts, Morisawa’s fonts are used in many publications, games, and websites, including Fujitsu’s corporate font. Morisawa’s fonts are also used by major manufacturers and publishers, as well as found on many social networking sites. In collaboration with Morisawa, we present a new font collection for you to enjoy.

Inspiration for Your Next Project: 25+ Upcoming Asian Fonts

As part of the Together Group, which is a large Korean company with many localized Korean fonts, Itsfont specializes in fonts. In Korea, the company has partnered with well-known brands and institutions including McDonald’s, OllehKT, CJ, Dasio, Korea Independence Memorial Hall, Korea Air Force, Dongguk University, and Chungbuk University.

Inspiration for Your Next Project: 25+ Upcoming Asian Fonts

Founded by a female digital creator, Declegoox is a popular Thai font brand on Instagram. The brand sells not only fonts, but also designs photos and billboards.

Inspiration for Your Next Project: 25+ Upcoming Asian Fonts

Tchafontt is an original font design studio, with Oil (an incredible creative girl) as its manager and about 200+ fonts available, with cross-platform support.

As well as landing our PIX-Design+ stickers, this collaboration is crucial. Our localized templates will be even better quality with the cooperation of these fonts, providing users with innovative design features and services of the highest quality.

Inspiration for Your Next Project: 25+ Upcoming Asian Fonts

We at Pixocial are committed to providing the best design materials and services available to users. As we work with designers and companies around the world, we will continue to introduce more high-quality, innovative design materials and services to provide our users with better experiences. We are grateful for your continuous support and trust and we will continue to improve our users’ experience.

Inspiration for Your Next Project: 25+ Upcoming Asian Fonts

We now have these fonts available in selected Pixocial products. Check them out now!

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