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2 Ways to Get Coquette Aesthetic Wallpaper Using Polaroid Frames

2 Ways To Get Coquette Aesthetic Wallpaper Using Polaroid Frames

Ever since the coquette aesthetic took over social media, I’ve wanted to deck out my phone’s homescreen to match those dreamy vibes.

The soft pinks, vintage florals, and a touch of playfulness (think ribbons, pearls, and anything that makes you feel like a whimsical princess)—I’m all for it!

And so, I got into work. Using this new app I found, I was able to create my own phone wallpaper. You can check out and download the app here.

But before you can truly embrace this style, here’s everything you need to know about the coquette aesthetic and why it’s taking over the internet these days.

What Is Coquette Aesthetic?

The term coquette (pronounced coh-KET) comes from a French word that means flirtatious. The way I see it, it’s about feeling cute, feminine, and like you could steal someone’s heart with a single wink.

The coquette style for me is like embracing your inner girly-girl using pastel colors like baby pink and lavender, mixed with dainty florals, lace, and maybe even a few pearls. You can even add a touch of ruffle or a flirty coquette bow to tie the whole look together!

Basically, the coquette aesthetic isn’t about being mean. Rather, it’s more about a soft, playful kind of femininity. Think less “queen bee” and more “sweetheart with a secret smile.”

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Why Is It Trending?

So why is everyone going gaga for the coquette trend? For starters, the coquette fashion is like the love child of Lana Del Rey’s vintage vibe and the whole Lolita fashion movement (but way less, uh, costume-y).

A quick search for the keyword “coquette” on the platform will show you just how viral it’s getting:

coquette aesthetic trend

Personally, I see this viral TikTok fashion trend as a rebellion against boring clothing styles and a chance to embrace all things cute and girly.

Plus, we all know that Gen Z kids are all about reclaiming traditionally feminine clothing and making it their own. The coquette trend lets them embrace their inner princess while still feeling totally modern and edgy.

It’s the perfect balance of sweet and sassy, which, I’d dare say is what makes the coquette soft style so darn irresistible!

Top 3 Apps for Creating Custom Polaroid and Coquette Wallpapers

Now let’s get down to business. Surprisingly enough, it’s not at all complicated to create your own wallpaper.

Whether you’re into the Polaroid-style or want something more girly like a pink coquette aesthetic wallpaper, there are a ton of apps you can use. It’s just a matter of finding the right one that has the vibe you’re going after.

Here are my recommendations:

1. BeautyPlus

BeautyPlus strikes the perfect balance between being a powerful photo editing app and offering user-friendly features for beginners.

BeautyPlus app

The best part? It has a whole section dedicated to backgrounds and templates you will absolutely love!

This app isn’t your average Polaroid filter either. I’m talking fun and flirty designs with hearts, florals, and even the occasional coquette bow wallpaper for that extra touch of whimsy.

Got an Instax photo you want as your wallpaper? Give it a makeover by adding soft filters, glittery overlays, or some cute text to complete your coquette masterpiece!

You can start having fun with this app by downloading it here:

2. YouCam Perfect

Next up is the editing powerhouse, YouCam Perfect. This app is basically an icon in the photo editing world, and for good reason.

YouCam Perfect app

Not only can you get Polaroid templates but also gain access to tons of filters and stickers to achieve that dreamy coquette soft style wallpaper.

As long as you have your coquette photos ready, you’ll have everything you need to create a unique wallpaper using this app.

3. Polaroid

Installing the official Polaroid app is a no-brainer if you already own a Polaroid camera. But even without one, you can use the app to achieve that full-on retro vibe that Polaroid photos are known for.

Polaroid app

This app lets you control your camera remotely. However, the real game-changer is its ability to transform any photo into a Polaroid picture, complete with the unique white picture frame.

Imagine a collage of your favorite Polaroid shots with some cute coquette stickers and text overlays!

Now, both the Polaroid app and YouCam Perfect are awesome options, but they have some limitations.

For instance, I noticed that the Polaroid app is great only if you have actual Polaroids but not super user-friendly for creating custom wallpapers from scratch. YouCam Perfect has many editing tools but not enough free Polaroid templates.

This is why I gravitated more toward BeautyPlus. Below, I’ll share with you exactly how I have fun using this app to make custom coquette wallpapers.

How to Make Pink Coquette Wallpapers with BeautyPlus

I know you’ve been dying to learn how to create a Polaroid wallpaper with a coquette aesthetic, and for that, I’ve got your back.

In the tutorial below, I’ll show you a simple way to add that charming coquette touch to your lockscreen using BeautyPlus.

Using Polaroid Frames

Alright, method number one: using those polaroid frames! Remember how we talked about BeautyPlus having a whole section dedicated to backgrounds and templates?  Well, this is where the magic happens!

Step 1: Open the BeautyPlus App and Tap on Polaroid.

Scroll down and find the box that says Polaroid. Or just do a search in the app. This is your gateway to that instant Instax photo vibe!

Step 2: Under Wallpaper, Find the Perfect Template You Want to Use.

Under the “Wallpaper” tab, you’ll find the best Polaroid frame templates to choose from. There’s the classic white frame, one with cute patterns, and even a template with little hearts or (wait for it!) coquette bows. Take your pick!

Step 3: Upload Your Coquette Style Photos.

Once you’ve chosen your dream template, BeautyPlus will ask you to upload your favorite coquette photos. How many you need depends on the template. Some might require just two while others might have more space for a collage.

Step 4: Tap on Stickers.

Now comes the fun part: adding stickers! BeautyPlus has a ton of adorable stickers you can use to personalize your Polaroid wallpaper even further. Add hearts, pearls, and maybe even some glittery text—the possibilities are endless!

Step 5: Change the Background.

Don’t like the background that comes with the template? No problem! BeautyPlus lets you change the background into anything you like.

You can choose a solid color, upload another photo, or opt for a pre-designed background with a cute coquette pattern. Just tap on Background to see the many options available.

Step 6: Save and Set as Your New Phone Wallpaper.

Once you’re happy with your creation, simply hit Save and your new Polaroid photo collage will be waiting for you in your phone’s gallery. From there, you can set it as your homescreen, lockscreen, or even both!

Make sure to position it around any widget you have so everything looks nice and organized. Here’s what mine looks like after setting is as my lockscreen:

Using Pre-Made Coquette Templates

Using pre-made templates is a great option if you want something that truly embodies the pink coquette aesthetic wallpaper with a little less fuss. Here’s how to make it happen:

Step 1: Open the BeautyPlus App and Type in Coquette in the Search Bar.

Instead of heading straight to the Polaroid section after opening the app, this time, tap on the search bar at the top of the screen.

Type in “Coquette” and BeautyPlus will do its thing and present you with a selection of ready-made collage templates perfect for your aesthetic.

Step 2: Upload Photo(s) You Want in Your Wallpaper.

Once you’ve found the perfect template to match your vibe, BeautyPlus will ask you to upload the image you want (or images, depending on the template).

Step 3: Add or Remove Stickers.

Just like the first method, you can add or remove stickers to personalize your collage wallpaper even further. Maybe a few extra pearls or a touch of glittery text? The choice is yours!

Step 4: Change the Ratio to 9:16.

These templates are designed for social media posts, so they might not be the perfect size for your phone’s wallpaper.

To remedy this, tap on “Background” and use the editing tools to change the size and orientation of your creation to a standard phone wallpaper size (which is usually 9:16).

Step 5: Save and Set as Your New Coquette Bow Wallpaper.

Once everything looks perfect, hit save! BeautyPlus will add your creation to your phone’s gallery, ready to be set as your new wallpaper and transform your phone into a haven of pink coquette aesthetic.

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The coquette aesthetic is about showcasing old-school feminine fashion in the modern era. So, don’t be afraid to experiment with different templates, stickers, and backgrounds to create something that’s uniquely you.

To help you achieve that, you need an app to turn pictures into Polaroids and then into a collage wallpaper, like my new favorite, BeautyPlus!

Whether you’re a pro-editor or a complete beginner, this app can help you show everyone your creative genius and design a wallpaper that will never go out of style. It has plenty of coquette content you can choose from.

Download it today to try it out yourself!

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