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[2024] 5 Recommendations for Easy-to-Use Free AI Image Generation Apps and Websites

In the second half of 2023, we continue to see the popularity of apps and sites that turn free photos into illustrations through AI image generation, and as AI image generation continues to evolve further, it is increasingly being used not only for image processing, but also for business situations, Instagram icons, and many other situations.

However, if you have not yet used AI image generation, you may be wondering which AI illustration maker to choose. In this article, we will introduce five easy-to-use AI image generation applications and sites! In the latter part of this article, we will also explain the scenarios in which you can utilize the AI image generation function.

AI Image Generation Apps

What is AI Image Generation?


AI Image Generation is a tool that automatically generates new AI illustrations and photos according to the content of the text you enter or the photos you load. For example, if you enter “a woman drinking coffee,” AI will generate an image/illustration based on the content!

AI image generation is rapidly becoming popular among the public with the release of Midjourney, a website released in June 2022 that automatically generates AI illustrations. Currently, various AI illustration creation services have been released, and there are more and more situations where you can use them in your daily life, such as free photo-to-illustration applications.

What are the situations in which AI image/illustration creation applications are used?

In recent years, AI-generated images have been increasingly used in a variety of situations such as social networking and business scenes. Here are some specific examples of situations in which AI illustration creation applications are used!

Utilized in social networking sites such as Instagram profile picture

Recently, it is very common to see portraits created by AI avatar generator apps used on social networking sites such as instagram profile picture etc. AI avatar generator apps can process images of people in the image to create illustration-like portraits, or create AI illustrations from inputted text. You can also create AI avatars of beautiful girls and boys from anime and manga for free, and many other types of AI illustrations are available.

Using AI Images in Business Scenes to Streamline Work

AI avatar generator applications can generate AI images based on photos and text in seconds to minutes, which is a great way to significantly reduce the time previously spent on image creation and image processing! The following are three examples of how AI image generator apps can actually improve work efficiency in business situations.

  • Creating corporate logos and icons with AI illustration maker
  • Creating banner ads and websites with AI image generation
  • Using AI-generated images for promotions

Especially for promotional images, it costs a lot of money to take pictures of products, so if you use AI image generation, you can create high quality AI images without hiring a designer, because the images can be automatically generated by entering the image of the photo you want to create as text. You can also use it as a tool to get design hints to reduce the time and effort required for design ideas. Anyone can easily produce creative products, so please try using AI image generation for your business scene as well.

Selling AI-generated illustrations

In some cases, AI illustration creation applications are used to sell AI-generated illustrations online. In fact, AI-generated illustrations can be sold through some platforms such as Coconara and CrowdWorks, and are in high demand as some people use them for their Instagram profile image or collect them as a hobby! AI avatar generator apps make it easy for anyone to create high-quality AI illustrations, and are recommended as a side business. In recent years, many people are earning income by selling AI-generated images.

Note: When selling AI-generated illustrations, please follow the terms and conditions of the platform you are using!

Utilized in the production of games, cartoons, and other entertainment productions.

AI avatar generator can also be used to create games, cartoons, and other entertainment content! In game production, various graphic designs such as characters and backgrounds can be automatically created using AI Illustration Maker. This greatly reduces the time and cost required to devise and create various graphic designs.

In manga production, AI Illustration Maker can be used to generate AI images based on the story and character settings you want to draw. It is a shorter process than creating a manga from scratch, and even manga beginners and those who are not confident in their drawing ability can easily create high-quality manga.

Recently, many adult-oriented cartoons and photos on SNS and Kindel are also using AI-generated illustrations.

Conventional illustration creation software requires drawing skills and expressive ability, but with AI-generated illustrations, anyone can easily reduce costs and create realistic illustrations.

Many people are using AI illustrations to reach and attract access to a new and larger audience with realistic AI illustrations!

Features of popular applications and websites that can generate AI images


There are currently many apps and websites released that can generate AI images.

Apps that turn photos into illustrations for free


Among the image processing apps available for smartphones, there is an app that turns photos into illustrations for free.

Anyone can easily create high-quality AI illustrations instantly by simply selecting the photos they want to generate AI images from and setting the illustration style, keywords, etc. Just like regular images, AI-generated avatrs can be processed and modified with tools such as effects, filters, text insertion, and makeup.

Furthermore, some image processing apps specialize in portrait makers! If you want to set your own portrait as an Insta profile image, or if you want to process your favorite photos into an illustration style, AI Illustration Maker is a handsome app for you!

Sites that can automatically generate AI images from text
Some sites that can generate AI images are quite popular for their ease of use, as they can create AI images from the text you enter, rather than creating illustrations based on photos as in general applications!

For example, if you enter “a dog looking out the window at the view,” AI will create an illustration of a dog looking out the window at the view. It is easy to generate unrealistic and original AI images from text, so you can use it when you want to get an idea for an innovative design idea or when you want to create a funny image to use as a social networking story.

[Image processing apps] 3 apps to turn photos into illustrations for free!

Free photo illustration apps allow you to process photos in the same way as image processing apps, so they are easy to use even for beginners, and you can easily create stylish portraits in anime style, comic style, avatar style, and more.

Here we introduce three free apps that turn photo into painting.

BeautyPlus” for creating AI avatars for free!


“BeautyPlus,” an image processing application, allows users to create AI avatars for free using a feature called “AI Avatar! AI Avatar” is a function that allows AI to create illustrations of only the people or pets in the image, leaving the background image untouched. You can create an AI avatar for free by selecting the image you want to process as an illustration and the type of AI style you want!

There are many types of avatars, such as “Avatar”, “1990s”, “Comic Girl” and “Animation,” that can be created for free, so you can make your avatar look fashionable and cute.

In addition, BeautyPlus has a wide variety of beauty functions such as make-up, skin tone enhancement, contour correction, big eye correction, acne removal, etc., so you can make your AI avatar even more beautiful for free.

AI portrait maker, easy to use for icons, PhotoDirector!


PhotoDirector’s portrait maker, an image processing app, allows you to create cute illustration-style portraits that can be used for Insta icons! There are many types of AI illustrations that can be created, including “comic style,” “anime style,” “3D avatar style,” and “painting style.” Just tap the style of your choice, and the AI in the app will instantly create a handsome portrait of the person in the image.

There are also a variety of image processing tools that allow you to change the background to a stylish AI-generated illustration and add effects and filters.

AI image generation from either photos or text! PicsArt


“PicsArt” is a versatile image processing application that makes it easy to create AI illustrations from either photos or text! In “AI Avatar,” you can create your original AI avatar for free by simply uploading 10 to 30 photos of people or pets.

When you want to generate AI images from text, you can do it from “AI Image Generator”.

There is no limit to the number of pictures you can create in a day for free, so you can try as many times as you like until you have completed your favorite AI-generated illustration! PicsArt also features quite a variety of image processing tools such as effects, stickers, frames, and skin correction, etc. We also recommend that you can complete everything from AI image generation to image processing with just this one app.

These are two websites that automatically generate AI illustrations!

Websites that automatically generate AI illustrations can be easily used from either a smartphone or PC without the need to install an application!

Here are two recommended AI illustration creation websites.

Stable Diffusion for free AI image generation!


“Stable Diffusion” is a site that lets you create AI illustrations for free based on text you enter.

Although advanced settings are not available, there is no need to register an account or log in, so it is recommended for those who want to try out a hands-on AI image generation service.

However, language support such as Japanese or Thai or Korean is inadequate, so if you want to create high-quality AI-generated illustrations, you will need to input your text in English. It is recommended to input in English sentences or English words separated by commas.

Midjourney, an AI illustration maker for beginners


“Midjourney” is an AI illustration maker available through the free chat service Discord!

It features the ability to create AI illustrations from the text you input.

Just input the text of the AI image you want to generate in the chat room, and it will generate an AI image suitable for the content. The procedure is easy to understand, so even beginners can easily create high quality AI-generated illustrations.

In 2023, applications and websites that can automatically generate AI illustrations are making dramatic progress, and the number of things you can do is increasing every day! Among them, BeautyPlus photo processing app is not only considered the original beauty face app, but also continues to evolve every day using the latest AI technology.

In the latter half of the article, we will introduce 6 ways to create icons with BeautyPlus’ AI illustration maker, using the BeautyPlus application that can actually generate AI images and is a hot topic on Instagram! We will introduce a lot of contents including the following.

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