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What Color Should I Dye My Hair? 5 Things to Consider for Fall Hair Colors

While bright, sun-kissed hair colors are more for spring and summer, cozier tones and warmer shades are ready to come back during the fall. What the fall hair colors are trendy now? Which hair color is right for you? Well, you’ve come to the right place! I will introduce the five things you need to consider before deciding to change your hair color. They are your hair care routine, skin tone, makeup, wardrobe and your attitude and behavior. Good news is that you can use BeautyPlus to digitally dye the hair. You can dye whatever color you like to find your perfect match without any damage!

Table of Contents

  1. Your Hair Care Routine will Impact Hair Color Choice
  2. Your Skin Tone will Impact Hair Color Choice
  3. Your Makeup will Impact Hair Color Choice
  4. Your Wardrobe will Impact Hair Color Choice
  5. Your Attitude and Behavior will Impact Hair Color Choice
  6. How to Change Hair Color using BeautyPlus
  7. 5 Fall Hair Colors to Make You Look Hot in the Fall

Your Hair Care Routine will Impact Hair Color Choice

What’s the most immediate and obvious impact that a dramatic hair color change will have on your life? The products and routine for hair care will be entirely different, if you drastically change your hair color.

Just as there are care products designed for color-treated versus virgin hair, there are specific care products meant for blondes, brunettes, red-heads, and vibrant colors. If you are a current brunette who is contemplating going platinum, know that you will need to stock up on the necessary products had to care for your new hue. Dramatically lightened and even darkened hair is hair that needs a lot of love and care post transformation. So be sure to educate yourself before you head in to your appointment. It’s where BeautyPlus comes where you get a chance to edit your pictures with different hair colors. You can try many times until you find the one that suits you. Take a look at the photos I died using BeautyPlus for example above.

Your Skin Tone will Impact Hair Color Choice

It’s no secret that our skin tone and hair color are inextricably linked. The under tones of our skin are often mirrored in our natural hair color. For example, if you have warm tones in your skin, it’s likely that your hair will have yellow, orange or red undertones. The same rules apply for those of us with cool undertones and even neutral tones (yes, that is a thing).

There are many ways to determine whether you have warm, cool, or natural undertones. One of the easiest is to look at your eye color:

• Brown, amber, or hazel eyes= warm undertones

• Blue, green, gray, or violet eyes = cool undertones

The undertone of the hair color that you choose, will either highlight or downplay your skin undertones. If you have a ruddy complexion that you are looking to counterbalance, it is best to decide a hair color with cool undertones. This will visually neutralize the appearance of rosiness in your skin. Above are edited Hair color changing example using BeautyPlus.

Your Makeup will Impact Hair Color Choice

Many people don’t think about the impact that their hair color has on their overall look. One thing you will definitely want to consider is how your makeup look will be impacted.

Due to the impact of hair color on skin tone, you need to adjust base products like foundation and concealer. Besides that, we may want to reconsider eyeshadow, lip color and even how rosy we want our cheeks to be. Depending on how dramatic your hair color is, you may want to either tone down or amp up your makeup look.

Give yourself time to play with new colors and techniques until you find the right overall look for you. That’s where BeautyPlus comes to give you all the hair color editing ideas. You can take a look at the pictures I edited above.

Your Wardrobe will Impact Hair Color Choice

Much like the impact to your makeup regimen, a dramatic hair color transformation is going to have serious impact on your clothing choices. Colors that looked fantastic with your warm blonde highlights may look entirely wrong with your new cool, chocolate locks. If your previous mainstay was black, you may find that your new hair color looks better with softer naturals.

In general, the clothes that we look best in tend to match the undertones of our skin. That means that those of us with warmer undertones tend to look best in gold, red, and orange. While cool undertones tend to gravitate towards blues, greens, and purples. Below are examples I edited from BeautyPlus.

Attitude and Behavior will Impact Hair Color Choice

Feeling more confident about the way that we look can have very real implications about the way we feel about ourselves in other areas. Even if the hair color transformation itself isn’t the catalyst for a confidence boost. It just steps into that sense of control. We get to determine how we look and also how we feel about it. It can be enormously empowering.

Who hasn’t heard that blondes have more fun? Believe it or not, the exposure to that saying over time can have subconscious effects on your behavior, if you choose to travel the flaxen-haired path. All things considered, a drastic change in your hair color can have a truly dramatic impact on your life. So, if you are looking to impact your look, personal style, attitude, and behavior this year, maybe the best place to start editing using Beauty plus. It will give you the best hair color that suits you. Take a look at the photos I edited with BeautyPlus.

How to Change Hair Color using BeautyPlus

Changing your hair color using BeautyPlus app is simple. Download the application on your phone and open the app. Select the photo you want to edit next, tap retouch and select makeup. Scroll all the way to end of the makeup editing options there you will find hair dye options. Click and select the color that you suit your mood and your style. Once you’re satisfied, click save in the top-right corner.

5 Fall Hair Colors to Make You Look Hot in the Fall

  • Blonde
  • Rainbow
  • Anime blue
  • Rebel
  • Apple green.

Explanation of the chosen fall hair colors and the reason I’ve chosen them

Rainbow: When we all see a rainbow, we all say it’s probably going to be a pretty good year. Same as dying your hair in Rainbow colors gives you hope and excitement.

Anime blue: A color that says (You know you’ve made it when you can dye your hair blue)

Rebel: it’s not just a hair color, it’s a state of mind.

Apple green: A color that says (Most of the life we live is in green color)

Blonde: A color that says (I have come to realize that I am happy when blonde)

BeautyPlus isn’t just an editing app, it’s a way of help some of us that are struggling with hair color changing. All the questions you have for hair color, BeautyPlus will give you all the answers you need.

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